Best equipement for THC Remediation?

Looking for small scale THC Remediation for my lab in colorado. We are looking for something that does 10 liters or so a day and preserves all other Cannabinoids besides THC. Want to end up with a THC Free Distillate.

Any input would be great. Thank you as always!

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Make ur own

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Ph adjusted water washes in a non polar solvent will wash the THC out from your cbd, you could do this with a reactor easily. Here’s a post on how to do it


Have you had success with this method? Tried this in our lab and got decent results but not quite as promising as we intended.

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Ya it works but is very inefficient…


What’s about simple column chromatography?

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Even with decarbed crude? That screenshot says to use decarbed but I thought THC doesn’t crystalize so you have to go for the thca crystallization?

You would have to develop a solvent system specifically for that goal.

Honestly it much more profitable to reinvest that money into isolate production and pay a third party to remove the THC. Accepting contracts now. DM if interested.

I’m not sure that this method was performed with success

Did you ever find what you were looking for here? Just curious. I’m looking at different solutions and none of them are a clear winner so far. More research needed though…