Best equipement for THC Remediation?


Looking for small scale THC Remediation for my lab in colorado. We are looking for something that does 10 liters or so a day and preserves all other Cannabinoids besides THC. Want to end up with a THC Free Distillate.

Any input would be great. Thank you as always!

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Make ur own

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Ph adjusted water washes in a non polar solvent will wash the THC out from your cbd, you could do this with a reactor easily. Here’s a post on how to do it


Have you had success with this method? Tried this in our lab and got decent results but not quite as promising as we intended.

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Ya it works but is very inefficient…


What’s about simple column chromatography?

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Even with decarbed crude? That screenshot says to use decarbed but I thought THC doesn’t crystalize so you have to go for the thca crystallization?


You would have to develop a solvent system specifically for that goal.