Best Distilling Head for 2L SPD (price range 1500$) - Older material


Will look into them, would like a precise option with no doubt.

Obvoius the states would be the best choice - Cannafundacion have waitings for ages.

If anybody have an USA lab with short waiting time, please speak up :slight_smile:

Ive tested as low as 55% on hash before. mostly its in the 85-90% on a fine light colour hash


I am a frequent visitor of marroco Pakistan Nepal and lebanon highst % THC hash found is 40%
There is a anual hash and werd ssurvey
By the trimbos Institute in the netharlands
Where 400 samples are collected and tested among our coffee shops
The highst THC content found over the years in foreign hash has been 37%
Thats why i think iT must be isolator
But then there would not be such high CBD content for almost all European grownweed
Is haze or pp strains wich are CBD less
But Who CARE’s you got Some great crude to work with :grinning:


I must definitely double check, been wanting to double check results for long time.

All the new hash coming from morocco with new introduced tropical/indoor strain offers way more potency.

15-20% thc plant grown in morocco, made into hash, then made into oil, should give in the 80 range any day, but will definitely have to see.

Tested some rape seed oil extract and that came in totally reasonable also. That was made on danish outdoor plants and had around 15 times more cbn


But yes, great starting material still if nothing else available.
Just very dark hash oil compaired to made on straight weed.

All in all i do care :smiley: : D :D, alot of money for test not being acurrate if it would be the case.


If you can get your hands on b80 or t5 even the. Darkest of dark can get cleaned up


@Roguelab Read abit about filter medias b80 is bentonite yes? no clue on all that izomerization, new territory for me.

I bought buchner funnels and stuff, for that need when i could understand enough what steps to make with what media - Something im very interested in tho.

What would possible be the best disti head of the two mentioned, the silvered v2 from LS or one from High5lab, not many options to choose on website, must see what he says, no reason not to buy a high speed head with what material im running.


Hmm i Will have to look into that i personaly like to see whats gooing on in the head so the silvered head makes me think
Rocco also makes Nice heads for the Price so i would check him out to


B80 is not normal Naturalal bentonite
IT is Made fir the cleaning of oils
I am to recieve a sample soon from the eu distributor and a pallet by the end of june
Im there are no sales of loose bags in Holland even thou their distribution center is here don t know if up norrth where you are they do sell bags
If not order Aa sample and by the time my pallet arives you can have Some

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There is a window sight on all silvered head ive seen.

Rocco is the guy who makes Summits glassware right? - where even to reach the guy. waiting response from High5L

Sounds good, and thanks for the offer that would be neet - where to read more about this filter aid? - Where to order a sample from?


Sorry, i went noob mode, i will ofcourse search the bar, Beacing powder


‭+41 79 901 40 09‬ this is Sergio his number he is the rep if them in eu


In all my studying ive kinda been dreaming of bringing you to dk for my first run haha, i do get light headed easyli reading to much. - however i think i will make it, what is hardest to understand and feel comfortable with is everything concerning vacuum pump and all that comes with it, have no clue what upgrades to buy, have no clue operating a pump haha.

  • just ordered 16 liters Edwards r20

16 liters Edwards wich model number exact ?
Buy second. Hand great pumps all over the place


And about coming to dk if iT fit s my agenda i am in the boozze i bring is worth more than the ticket

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Its H11024011 Edward Ultragrade 20.

I figured it get used quickly, when the pump vessel is 1.5 litre.

I got 11.3cfm, wish i went a little higher after reading more and more, but will upgrade when i can and have backup pump, or using 2pumps in a run to fill the low one with gunk first.

Ive not been able to find any second hand pumps in europe, shipping is often ridicoulous from the states on ebay and such.

haha :rofl::nerd_face: not sure i understand the boozze sentence :smiley:


Only other oil in europe i could get mailed here was Robinair that i see people use, not i finaly found a uk vendor selling grade 20


11 cfm is fine on a 2 liter flask you should be able to stay under the 100 mic for mains easy
And the oil is perfect to
I most of the time use oil from the dairy industrie and that only makes a 15 mic diffrance
Boozze is so expensive over there that a few bottels in the bag is cheaper with the ticket than buying there

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haha ahh booze, i got ya, would have you covered on that front if so, provience shit town to :smiley: :D,

ye only took many hours of searching to find vac oil - Would never have the knowlegde to choose some alternative :smiley:

good thing, i read many said 12 atleast, will buy the biggest pump i can after first few runs


If you take care of vac leaks that pump Will last forever on a 2 liter flask
What is the model of your pump ?


Would be neet not having to buy a bigger option, not a small cost per say :slight_smile:
Definitely gotten hooked on the pro-setup - wich i did before halfass decicion on chinese :smiley:

Tho my chiller is good quality also german made insides parts aswell

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