Best Distilling Head for 2L SPD (price range 1500$) - Older material


Hello Future4200!

I greet you all from Denmark with my first post here on this great site, really helpfull reads -

I will be running Mostly material made on commercial hash and older material, Therefor i need a good Distilling head to speed things up as much as possible to avoid further colour degradation, also why im changing out all my china glass. - Been lookin on a Goldleaf Head, Model; GLA024SP-R - Is there any better solution for my fast out put need for old degraded material in this price range?

Been trying to study as much as possible inhere, definitely struggling abit on the technical side of stuff - Mostly stuff like how to operate vacuum pump, all the right fittings and miscellalnous needed and such for SPD in general.

Been putting my system together as fast as possible and still needing alot of the smaller stuff, but almost there. - what system i have is on my profile wall.
Already bought a complete China glassware set, but now im changing all the glass to proper ones - to much at stake to chase vac leaks.

Will properly be needing alot more help on essentials fittings to purchase KF-stuff and such for vacuum, i have a hard time understanding that when i never tried before or is the slightest educated in such fittings :slight_smile:

Hope to make a SPD thread leading up to my first Run, and possible during the run.

Thanks for your help in advance, already got a bunch from your posts :slight_smile:



Will be running this material, and also som 90% thc


I would just grab one of these from lab society. You don’t need anything fancy to learn.


Hi Montroller, thanks for your input.

I thought Goldleaf was american made and one of the quality brands recommended inhere?


So a silvered V2 head of the one youre recommending - Is that a fast output head?

Cant say i dont like the price, just needs to make sense whats the best way is to go.


Check out the alcohol_avenger heads


Hi 5 lab supply (@alcohol_avenger) is awesome! HIGHLY recommend them. Great people!

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Can we see a pic of your starting material? That lab test is suspiciously high for crude


Will look into those - their best head seem to only have 45/50 bottom joint - would lead me having to buy new boiling flasks both 500 and 2000mls


@Apothecary36 Since its made on hash, its basicly an extract of an extract. Then these numbers will be acheived. - ive been testing in the 90 in 3 years, on two diffrent hplc. Cannabytics test for alot of Coffeshops in holland.

Maybe @Roguelab know of them, and also have more knowlegde on hash crude since netherlands is hash land. . (Hi Rogue, new to site but read alot of your posts hehe)

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Gold leaf definitely isnt bad, but its not crazy good either. Ive only seen a handful of people with their glass. Id go with the LabSociety or Summit heads. and no dont get the 45/50 one, its overkill for smaller (2L) batches. Get the silvered packable head from Lab Society and youll be golden


Contact him. He will have made, the most beautiful, USA built, custom head you could ever feast your eyes upon. Really tho, get at him and tell him what you need. He will help you get setup proper. Tell him I sent you if you want.

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@The_Lone_Stiller Definitely appreciate guidance with my purchase, and thanks for letting me know of them, i have not yet run into their name studying onhere i believe. , i will contact him right away, thankfully have not ordered yet from goldleaf, im basicly looking on a whole glassware set minus cold trap - So its alot of money, and want the best i can for them. i dont own much i havnt put into this system already.

Sure ill give him a heads up :slight_smile:

Further recommendations is welcome.

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No doubt the Avenger head, would be a better option than the LS Silvered V2?

Dont like that the other options from LS dont have condenser attached, more joints…

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@Psilisophical What would the best choice from Summit be?


Welcome First of all
Second iT is indeed a strange crude lab readout for hash derived crude
For iT has no CBN
Unless Made from what is called isolator hash wich is produced localy

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Let’s see a pic and the community will tell you if you’ve been getting lied to for 3 years


Rogue@ Ive never gotten much CBN in my samples from hash, also only tried this company. They are quite busy lab, with many coffeshop relationships.

Now that i have you, do you have another place we northmen can send to get tested with short wait time?

I do not have any of the starting material/hash laying around.


When its possible to make bubble hash on 80%+ thc.

it should be possible to get this high numbers with 40-55% hash, and about 45% return in crude.


I use Nova research for quick response readouts
Thou i have seen false readouts but upon arival of sample 24 hours max for lab report
For your day to. Day lab reports i find them ok
When i really need precise readouts i go to my local student fraternety and they do their thing at the University lab in leiden :sunglasses: