Best dewax methods

Hey future family!

I have a few question regarding dewaxing.

Normally I just put my first pass cbd distillate in methanol and stir and put through a 1 micron filter…

Does this remove all waxes? My 2nd pass distillate looks amazing with great clarity…

But im wondering if i do a freeze will it help remove all the waxes as Im sure some are left behind?

What are your guys prefered method?


Methanol winterization is awesome because cannabinoids have such high solubility in it. With EtOH, there’s a fine line between precipitating fats and cannabinoids. Go to far, you can lose yield, too short and you leave lipids in. With methanol, you have to get pretty concentrated and cold to worry about yield loss. There are some downsides but it’s still a clear winner IMO

If you mix first pass cbd full of wax in methanol and filter does this remove all the waxes? visually it seems it does…

There is some limited solubility of waxes in room temp methanol. Not a lot but some. Enough that you can get them to go into solution if you use enough obviously. What that solubility is on a mg/g scale at different temperatures would make for an awesome section in a cannabis chemistry handbook. But chilling the solvent will definitely make it less

Depends what your dilution ration is

Try 6:1 and see what happens

I do 6:1 and it seems to completely remove waxes just wondering…do you find it does? You ever do a 2nd deep freeze?