Best denatured ETOH for bucket tek?

Having a hard time sourcing ETOH denatured with N-heptane locally, and am wondering what the next best alternative would be?

Any recommendations concerning what to look for an what to avoid in denatured ETOH would be appreciated.

why do you want denatured ethanol?
it’s designed to be non-potable.

are you making distillate?
if you’re only going to EHO, there will be residuals of what ever poison was added to the solvent to make it non-potable.

for small scale use, using beverage grade ethanol is a safe selection.

for large scale, you can get solvent shipped anywhere.


@Shadownaught may have a local distributor near you for smaller amounts.


Where are you located?


Use food grade ethanol for the first pass keep separate. Then do the bucket tech. Use denatured ethanol rotation with the 2nd pass stuff


yes, need the ETOH for crude extraction in order to make distillate…am based in Europe and doesnt have to be denatured, thats just what I saw people were posting about.

I am asking because I was worried about the ingredients used to denature it as well.

Am based in Europe @Shadownaught @square_root_pharms

Alternativly I can get the following locally:

ETOH 99,9%vol
ETOH 96%vol ( made from sugar cane and corn)

Should I just go for the 96% ETOH?

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Get whichever is cheaper



The 99% may have been dried with benzene. Double check…


Yeah shipping solvents to EU wouldn’t make sense and that 96% sugar cane sounds perfect.


The clean stuff is always the best I do a light purge until it’s done bubbling and it’s ready for pens

Carbon Chemistry out of Colorado… Super fast shipping, good prices, and professional transactions with cool ppl… I don’t work for them, just a consistently happy customer of theirs

:slight_smile: luv me some Carbon Chemistry, however…

OP isn’t local, and doesn’t really need denatured.