Best cannabis genetics for outdoor growing in Colombia with the aim of extracting terps?

What in your opinion are the best cannabis genetics for outdoor growing (Colombia) with the aim of extracting terps? Which terps will be the most valuable in the future recreacionally and medically?

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Colombia the country ? Or state ?
What’s the year rounds weather conditions like ?
If I where you I would take punta roja and
Santa Martha gold and pull terps of local top strains
NO BODY HAS THAT the plants are well adapted to local enviroment


Medically the flavonoids but to catch those is a whole different ballgame

Cheers @Roguelab Colombia the country. Cali region is know for their entire spring weather, so all year between 18-30°C (64-86F), some months more rain than others. The region is perfect for growing, however I am sure some genetics will do much better than others. Will have a look into the ones you are recommending!

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@Roguelab you know anyone who understands this game?


I think you are going in reverse. They growers in the mountains there can tell you which varieties will take that climate. In fact, folks go to Colombia looking for these genetics.

With that said, fertilization and resulting genetic expression (or lack there of) is limited. I work with an avocado grower there and the level of technology is a bit lacking. I also worked with Turbana in Costa Rica teaching them nutrition on their farms.

Your market should dictate what genetics you look for. Places like Oregon and Washington State have some good genetics that will take heat and some rain, high relative humidity, etc…

What you must also consider is that the UV level in this part of the world (I am in Peru) is much higher than in the US etc… That little detail is a game changer…


The santa martha gold is absolute gold, love that strain


In Columbia finishing times are irrelevant. Look for strains with strong resistance to pests and pathogens.

Best way to do this is to grow every strain you possibly can and record what it does and keep the winners and cull the rest.

I devote a small portion of my allowable plant count to try new strains every year in the hopes of finding a few golden tickets.

It’s a lot more justifiable when you can extract the losers and keep the winners as flower.


Im growing just north of Cali. And yes the super high UV is a big advantage. So far Ive found almost all the strains I have tried work really well. CBD , THC , CBG all of them. Things seem to finish faster and require more food. Ive just made the heaviest stinkiest NYC Diesel and some crazy stinky Gorilla Glue . Growing in the Valley bottom so at 3000ft and loving it.