Best affordable 1-2lb. CLS


would you recommend for my first cls to get it pre assembled or do you think im up for the task is it a simple procedure or should it be left to the pros?> i notice i can save a shit load if i make it myself


Usually they pressure test it when they preassemble it, might be worth it. I bought my first CLS, and upgraded it many different times to get what i have now. Its always better to be safe then sorry.


This seems like the best place to ask questions about my upcoming purchase which will be a 2 lb unit i been looking into the MK III my friend has told me its a great unit and i really like the community it has surrounded around it they seem very informative what are your guys opinions and also im looking at two models of the mk III one has bi direction one does not will bi direction be worth the extra 400 dollar upgrade price or is it not that big of a deal thanks in advance for all the info!


my contact information is on my website ( ) …you can contact me threw any means of communication.


Don’t waste your money on the MK III. I don’t even know where to start on why I would never buy that thing. I know it has a following but that means nothing as far as if it is a good setup for the money. Talk to Killa12345 and I am sure he will be happy to help you make an informed decision. Biggest issue(not the only) I notice is the recovery tank is too small.


Hit up @Killa12345 he has the deals and his consultation is the best you can possibly receive. He will tell you how it is and give you the best possible recommendation for your situation too


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