Best affordable 1-2lb. CLS


Just like the topic says, what’s the best affordable CLS with a 1-2lb. capacity. Just starting out looking for some good direction.


i sell a pretty affordable 1lb with all borosilicate sight glasses and a stainless solvent tank on ebay for $1400 but im sold out as i need to build more(have plenty of parts)…if your looking for just the parts and i dont have to build and pressure test…i can give you a deal you can only beat in China.


And I’ll be the first 2 say I run that rig…




Wow that is a lot more affordable than I thought it would be. What if I wanted you to build and pressure test?




You charge the same price to a member here as your eBay price?
eBay charges you $100+ final value fee for that sale.


I actually didn’t offer really a price direct. I don’t have any built for sale. I’m actually not building any for another week or 2 because of my ribs.

Yes eBay does take $100 and I would discount more than that. People that have checkout with me know how generous I am with the discounts and free stuff.

And there is quite the difference in a contributing member and another that has 1 post. Certainly a price difference. Yes. I price on discretions too. If your contributing. Sure I’m gonna discount it more as your here testing with us in the trenches.

Any problems with this…


Damn, i better keep my pockets zipped up around @Baked-All-Day. :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


I have a setup that I’ll let go since I upgraded.

Can run from 1-5lbs
Salem scientific 12x12 collection pot
Has 4x48 sleeved dewax column.
4x18 column
4x24 column
3x48 column.
Ball valve
2 50# recovery tanks
1 1.9 hfs vac oven

Lmk if your interested I can give you a deal.


Damn, i got $5 on it. :money_mouth_face:


Partna let’s go half on a … CLS ?


Hahaha. You guys are funny.




Let’s patch up on a cls then fam.


how do i contact you about your buisness?> you have email or wickr or skype?><


also i have a ? for the community if i assemble a unti my first one and i want to do the air pressure test but i dont have a compressor i was wondering… can i toss that thing in the bed of my truck and run to the local gas station and connect it to the air pump or no that doesnt work?><


@Einstein You need a nitrogen tank


You do not want to put oily nasty air from an air compressor in your CLS. If you had a diaphragm (oilless) air compressor you could


i was looking at the assembly guide on emarld golds site for how to build a mk III and
in this it states i need a air compressor what is this your talking about a nitrogen tank i dont have acess to a nitrogen tank whats the easiest way to do the pressure test while assembling theres gotta be a easier way where the hell would i even get a tank of nitro?


Anywhere that sells gas. Its very common.