bed bath and cbdeyond


did anyone see the cbd line bed bath and beyond has now?
key notes: they dont actually sell it under bed bath and beyonds name so no one can really get mad at them directly
they say not for consumption I guess to avoid any legal stipulations
they are charging something crazy like $30-40 per 250 mg
what do you all think of this? sign of things to come? snake oil salesmen? get rich quick scheme? lol

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well they say luck is just when preparation meets opportunity. They have a nationwide platform, why not utilize it.


It’s snake oil at worst, free human trials at best.

The doses are typically too low compared to those studied (think 10 mg/kg).

If people think it makes them feel better I’m not gonna pee on their pony. In fact, I’d like to see groups that experience benefit be the launching pad for more science. We have to get this right or risk proving our detractors right.

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Was at bed bath n beyond yesterday and seen it on the shelf. I laughed at it, and the CSR sales pitch.

I happily told her I’m an extractor and grower, I dont need your swill in a bottle.


hahahaha i know the feeling, The dispensary i always go too got a new new bud tender, she tried to sell me some 250mg CBD $60 tincture, i was like “if only you knew how many kilos of CBD ive made in the last week”

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