@Beakers sublimator: up for Auction. Bid early, bid often

Sublimator sublime.

Auction time.

Seems like it’s time to start taking those dirty pictures…first up is the sublimator.


how much you asking for this piece of kit?

Goes to the highest bidder :shushing_face:

This is the device @Beaker preformed his magic with.

Although the Edwards vacuum pump he used to achieve 0.75um has already been sold

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where can i bid? this going up on ebay?

Right here.
Right now.
In public.

Although I’m leaving bidding open for at least two weeks to give some of our less frequent visitors a shot

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sounds good! ill start the bidding at $200 then (im unaware of market value)

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I can’t say enough how much I idolized that man’s work. He was and still is an inspiration, something to strive to be.

Just priced the sublimator at $540 here. Might be a hair cheaper directly from Chemglass.

Well, shit… Amazon has 1, new, at $350 on Prime.

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