@Beakers sublimator: Sold

Sublimator sublime.

Auction time.

Seems like it’s time to start taking those dirty pictures…first up is the sublimator.

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how much you asking for this piece of kit?

Goes to the highest bidder :shushing_face:

This is the device @Beaker preformed his magic with.

Although the Edwards vacuum pump he used to achieve 0.75um has already been sold

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where can i bid? this going up on ebay?

Right here.
Right now.
In public.

Although I’m leaving bidding open for at least two weeks to give some of our less frequent visitors a shot

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sounds good! ill start the bidding at $200 then (im unaware of market value)

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I can’t say enough how much I idolized that man’s work. He was and still is an inspiration, something to strive to be.

Just priced the sublimator at $540 here. Might be a hair cheaper directly from Chemglass.

Well, shit… Amazon has 1, new, at $350 on Prime.

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that looks like a price comparison.

we need BIDs :wink:

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I’m in for $225.

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I’m back in town, so this auction is ending this week

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I’ll do $275

Going once!

Going twice

I’m in for $300

sorry guys. I let it out the door at $275 yesterday evening.

it had already been languishing here for almost twice as long as I said I was going to leave it up.