Beaker and Wrench peristaltic pump

Hey I am reaching out looking to see if any other labs have upgraded their cascade purepath distillation setup with the Beaker and Wrench peristaltic pump and feed tank (5l glass). We are trying to have better control of our flow and are considering purchasing this unit but are curious to see if any other labs have had good results.

They recently posted an instagram video showing their pump/feed tank in use with the cascade system seen here :

My main concern is the non jacketed feed tank and the distance between the pump and the main body being unheated resulting in blockages. May be a non issue but I would love to hear some good reviews before purchasing.

Thanks for any info!


Build your own for a 1/4 of the cost



I’ve been running for a couple months now. All in cost was < $1000 including feed vessel.

I feed at 110C, no special overpriced tubing.

Your system looks like kf25 connectors …

I’d get a couple of these

Use the feed flask unless you want a bigger one. in that case I’d build a stainless one.

Then connect a line through the gl18 adapters.


Feed at 110? Interesting. We have only ever hit 90C when needed on waste stream runs. Is there any downside or other effects on the process when feeding that hot? Slower or faster wiper RPM perhaps?

I think the higher the temp you come in the more rapidly you will evaporate

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yes used the b&w pump with a cascade purepath —- not a part of that lab anymore but a peristaltic is pretty much a must with a purepath the needle valve or whatever its called at the end is cancer and i remember trying to dial it in but couldnt for the life of me.

also, the 1 liter receiving flask is also cancer


forgot to mention found a glass elbow piece that angles downwards so you can put a different receiving flask but watch out you can break the body if you are not careful and that body aint cheap

there is heat tape wrapped around that glass adapter from the peristaltic to the body.

beaker and wrench makes an adaptor

The cadcade/asahi dn100 has a particular type of feed connection. It’s called rotolux (spelling may be off) these are difficult to find, but B/W should have CAD files to make an adapter for it. They made me one a few yrs ago.

If their pump is outa yojr price range, def make your own. But you will need the adapter

24/25F to 55mm sphere I believe

Yeah they offer the glass feed adapter as part of the 5l feed tank/pump combo. It seems like at least a few of you have had good results with this company/system. Thanks for your help.

And if by needle valve you are talking the feed intake valve I agree it is total aids. Part of our peoblem was fatty oil but now that has been resolved and its still cancer to get and maintain a good flow. Hoping the pump helps out.

it will help…i would honestly get a yhchem 10/10 times then a cascade purepath though.


You can get a 2 stage steel wiper for cheaper then the cascade wiper


We already own the cascade system. Overall pretty happy with it but clearly some room for improvement. Really good at getting super low vac.

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What type of tubing did you end up liking the best?

if you know anyone that wants a 2nd purepath holla i got someone selling one

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Totally, best value even when getting just the still and using domestic heat/pressure and fluid mgmt utilities. I cant believe cascade hasnt put a dosing pump on that thing yet.

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or that damn 1 liter flaskkkkk who wants to break vac and stop everything after every literrrrr lol. its a beautiful machine. the tolerances are supposedly so tight on the glass and so well made that you dont even need vac grease. but 1 liter? it tilts me when i think about it

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