Be a legend sort me out so i can sort out my house CBD Isolate

Right so after sorting out my new job of course the best lad financial plans of mice and men have gone awry and my goal of going from that half KG to my first full KG and eventually not having to waste hard working peoples time and effort and be able to buy 10KG (mumma we made it) I was wondering if anyone on here could sort 100g at a reasoanble price, ill comeback to you for the next two reups and maybe longer if it goes well. So yeah if any of you beautiful minds and old hippies for who with knowledge were gold would be worth more then tesla right now could help a youngster out. I am in the UK so i got to grab 100usd in shipping + 20% V.A.T on top but if you feel like you could helo please let me know.

Facti sunt principes ejus simul potest peasaents - ThatBadger

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Didnt you make a very similar thread yesterday?

God I can barely understand this shit…


I think it’s thumper


You have been warned the other day about spamming. Ask irene about how we flag all her spamming ads.


The volume discount without the volume

Anyway I think tetra guy has crazy cheap prices on cbd so start there?

Also if you put “Tom Foolery 4200” in the comments of the order he throws in a 5ml sample bottle of TomCuTT free


I can add a bottle of mineral oil aka true terpenes terpene dilutent, or one of the 5 dilutent scam bottles I’ve acquired from the terp slingers.

Nah ive never asked a question like thiis as i usual sort from america. Looking for 100g around £90 or something, would save on import and shipping fees, and i just lost my job so imma tryna do things within my budget

oi m8, ur a cheeky bugger innit. jus have a gob at he’s surely ur best bet 2 get u sorted m8. you can fully utilize the time saved watching footy or the like




Were you’d learn the Queens English :grinning: :grinning:


worked at the lion and eagle pub, god save the queen


Got y e fam😉

Can you explain in the godforsaken English language of the USA what you’re trying to get at?

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I have the same problem sometimes try to work out what people from the US are sometimes saying :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: