BB series - same with Delta's Cup series

Could you kindly provide the comments about our upgraded model.
the thinkdness of jacket is 4mm,UL listed motor…and do you have any other questions about the centrifuge for ethanol extraction CBD?

Pls kindly inform me


MVR … all could provided.

the upgraded model.

Cheaper than 10k?

no. better equipment. if you want without motor &control box,it may could reach your budget.

or you could choose our PPTD series. PPTD-25 just needs USD9850 FOB Shanghai(valid 1 month).with UL listed motor and control box. But BB is really different from it.

This is the company(Peony I believe) where people are buying their spinners and reselling them under a US brand. I won’t name drop but I’ve seen a few


we have explained ever for that. we are same ,just for promoting,so two titles.

What material are the seals made out of?

Price please

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the material is PTFE


I have sent you spec ever. could you kindly give me a reply and I need to confirm if your email address is correct

Shoot me the price Rowan when they send you it and specs if you don’t mind


I could send you as well my friend🌹
And I think I might send you ever,maybe you don’t care it~lol~

Is this centrifuge floodable?
Does it include control box?
Is control box U/L listed? I know this is not likely but just for completeness sake.

Finally if you could give just a hint regarding size capacity and rpm or separation factor (g-force).

Thanks in advance.

it is floodable,and with jacket.
it equips with control box,and could be equipped with UL listed motor.
the smallest model is BB-30,it is 1600RPM,30lbs per batch

China probably might take over the world, and I applaud your spirt and wish you, and us all well.
That being said, couldn’t all your Chinese manufacturers make all your equipment UL/CE listed right from the start? I understand that non-UL/CE listed might make a bulk of your sales (to nations not concerned), but UL/CE compliant nations take safety seriously. That makes us spend much more.
We are less likely to die in explosions and, therefore, are more likely to be repeat and continued customers.
Just my ¥0.02?

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$0.02?so sorry ,i don’t understand what you mean?
but thanks for your sincerely thoughts. And we focus on the safety,so we have achieved UL listed motor for customers,and ex proof control box…
If there are some questions during the operation,we will solve it with you as well. we promoise.

Being $0.02, it is not worth much. Just a passing thought.