Battery stopped working

Yea dumb question

Battery I’ve used for 2 years stopped working for no reason, worked fine last night and this morning then when I went to press the button it didn’t even turn on. When plugged in the light turns on too

2 years is pretty good for a basic battery. Probably just it’s time to go…

I have terrible luck with battery’s lol


Aw man.

I loved this little sucker too, had a strange feeling that it would take a shit soon too. Just hate tossing batteries is why cause shit can last a long time.

Guess I’ll have to buy a new one. Probably gonna be same one considering how long it lasted.

This is the second one ever to take a shit on me in the 2-3 years I’ve known about carts

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They’re made for pennies, lol. The batteries inside usually last 200-300 charge-cycles unless something else dies first. 2 years is a really long life for one of these.


Ik i was impressed. It was from a local medical dispensary. I may snag the same one

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I like my Eleaf pico, it’ll do carts just as easily as the higher powered wax atomizers


Advantage of getting a vape mod like that is you can replace the 18650 cell when it dies and the mod can last years.

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I’ve got an Eleaf vape mod with an 18650 cell. I go through multiple carts before charging it. Best purchase ever. I did a bulk order from china in 2017 or 2018, sprung for legit samsung batteries and gave them to all of my friends. They’re all still running strong. Well worth the $35 or so that they cost back then.

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I’ve had a eleaf Istick mini for 3-4 yrs works great for carts stays in the car though. My current one is a replacement for the same model that lasted 2+yrs before I gave to a friend. They work great.

I’ve been using these,

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What brand

Hohm life. Batterymooch on Instagram used to have all the info on almost every 18650 battery I’ve ever seen, I haven’t looked at instagram in a few years tho