Ball bearing for flow rate?

Ive been using stainless steel ball bearing in the elbow/reducer for better flow rate and to keep the solvent colder. Recently had a run clogged up completely not even one drop was getting thru had to use a stick to unclog the valve.
Anyone ever had similar problem with steel ball bearings?
I assume the nitro pushed the ball bearing to the small drain hole of the valve and blocked it completely

Elbow to valve with jst normal gasket was thinking if adding a screen gasket would prevent that from happening or not use ball bearing at all.

Only happened twice over the past year making me think that its jst a small chance the ball bearing is positioned to cause the clog this time

After examining post process there was nothing on the elbow that couldve clog it except the balls

Any insight would be great !!

Sounds like you may have solved your problem yourself. If the ball bearing diameter is possible to stop flow, theres your problem. Use a filter plate to retain the ball bearings. :call_me_hand:

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How does adding obstructions increase flow rate?!?

Are you sure the added thermal mass is helping? How is it cooled?


Yeah that sounds like a good idea.
My setup is prebuilt by BVV and manual clearly says to put ball bearing in the elbow thats why I wanted to make sure cas i cant believe that they would put that in the manual if it causes clog once a while when im unlucky with the position of the balls

From what I understand the stainless ball bearing once comes in contact with cold solvent will keep it colder than without it since elbow/reducer has no jacket
and that will improve flow rate
and avoid butane getting warm and evaporate in that area

unless the ball bearing is cooled, all it can do is make the solvent warmer.

if you posit that the ball bearings are cooled by the solvent, what then happens to the solvent?!? (it gets warmer…)

colder solvent does not flow better. it is more viscous, and flow will therefore be slower.

I get that you are reading the fine manual.
I don’t believe that OEM understands the problem either.