Bad News for Brokers (BCC Proposed Regulation)

Proposed subsection (a) states that a licensed retailer or licensed microbusiness authorized to
conduct retail activities shall not sell or transfer any cannabis goods through the use of an
unlicensed third party, intermediary business, broker, or any other business or entity.

What are your Thoughts?

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ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! But that is only for Cannabis and California right?


I think. Haha. This will never happen. The whole drug game is predicated on middle men and brokers. This is too many people trying to get greedy. Everyone has a place at the table. Cutting out the middleman is just asking for sort of trouble. I can name a lot of scenarios where this is a bad thing, And not for the middle man.

Middle men can typically bring people together that would not normally deal with each other. I can tell you from my former life in the biz. I knew 3 groups of people that didn’t work with each other because of race and nationality. These 3 groups all wanted to work with each other but couldn’t because of the groups they belong too. This is where a middle man can keep pieces moving so all parties prosper. Good luck doing these types of transactions without a neutral party. Haha. :joy: :man_facepalming:t3: :thinking:

I can just see a hippie farmer dealing with a real ass gangsta trapping in the middle of crack town too. Lol.

Oh I can keep going tooo. Keep trying to make bigger margins guys. :rofl::joy::man_facepalming:t3::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Thats why my middle man is my buisness partner, they used to call him “the bridge”. We have worked for tons of groups, even worked for two different growers who dident like each other at the same time. Buisness is buisness, leave your differences at the door!


Yes this is also why alot of white-label deals have fallen out recently because the BCC now mandates that these unlicenced parties either grab equity stake in the licence holder’s company or bugger off.
I wasn’t at BizCon this year but i heard that there was alot of talk about how to legally circumvent these new regs - I don’t think it’s very hard. No do I think it’s going to nessisarily be “bad” for the industry economy…There are a few legal teams I’m plugged in with that have found loopholes - it just creates more steps in the process which means more people involved.
It cuts out the folks with limited creative and legal resources from doing biz which, let’s face it, Thank God… If I get DM’d another POF with a million in cash on some random armchair I’m going to blow my lid :joy:


Say no more fam, DM sent