B80 in BF during distillation

Has anybody here tried b80 in the BF during an spd run?
I’ve seen a post on summits ig today showing water clear that is ∆9. Trying to figure out how.
Also has anybody ran any of this clear crc stuff through the spd?

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I would only believe about half of what elliot says, he claimed his achromizing clay would make high d9 and it didnt. From my experience anything in the flask will make d8 when distilled.


Rinsing natural bentonite with water
And then drying in a high temp oven at 350C to dry iT out deffenitly helps to
Minimize the isomerization
But iT also affectes the working
So You Will Need dubble the amount Wich starts playing with the stirbar

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You can dilute your resin in pentane and run through the same reccomended powders in the C.R.C tek. The magic trick works the same.


Maybe an idee to make a chart of all absorbants used in crc teck
And the effect they have
For they are Many and one gets lost :grinning:


I’ve had great success making water clear with Celite545, T5, and silica60 from bottom to top.


Now have you made disty with that clear bho?
I assume will make clear ∆9 disty

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Heat is a bitch
I wonder If we ever Will
Unless we place recristelized diamonds in the bf :rofl::rofl:

He specifically advertises it as neutral and for its color remediation properties WITHOUT isomerization to D8…

I used a couple crc slabs and got clear distillate that took an opal look.


Interesting I indeed have not taken ph readings of Crc treated material
The opal hey makes me think have a high ph on material after crc
What powders where used in your crc column ?

A form of celite, t5, silca,activated alumina

The color change looks like Magsil

Is the magsil in the celite im using?? Its the same one usa lab carries now.

Hmm now it a hard to say which ph was your final
Maybe get yourself some ph papers
And do a reading before distillation
I do this when flask is loaded I ad a table spoon of 96% ethanol mix with warm crude take a reading then evaporate the etho of on a bleeding vac (low vac depth) and let temp in flask rise to 100C once reached I pull full vac and start my run

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No magsil is magnesium oxide and Celite is diatomaticus earth


If your ph was modifyd because of the crc I think that the calcinated silica is responsible

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So i will get some ph paper. And test…if ph is problem what process to fix this to make it clear.

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Also did not know that the distillate should have a certain ph…

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Hmm we use Citrix acid to lower ph and (arm and hammer ) can t frigin remember the name to rise ph
But it is a delicate line
@Photon_noir never recommends

Bi carbonate soda

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