B/R Spinning Band

B/R Spinning Band available. $2,500

-Comes with:
-Spinning band
-Reflux valve & magnet
-2l & 500ml flask’s with mantles

Add your own accessories chiller, pump, vac guage, etc.


what is asking price?


what if we don’t need the flask, lab jacks

Make me an offer. Seems easier

What kinda volume can it do in a day

It’s the 8mm bore version 100-200ml hr. Lots of theoretical plates. I used it for second pass and terpene separation. It’s just a nice little tool to have. Not for high production really.

Where are you located?

NJ but VT & ME too.

is it able to have a larger column and flask used, I would be using it for same as you did not worried about a lot of volume was just curious.

The column can be used with a 2l flask (Included 2l & 500ml) so as to load 1l.

Hi do you still have this for sale dm me

Yup, got it. 609 462 4967

Is the unit stl for sale and will you ship to Canada?
Terms of preferred payment.

Yes it is. DM me.