Azulene showing up at the end of a run

So what would cause (azulene) or blue and green to show up at the last part of a run. Never had it happen before and its happen twice toa friend of mine, any help greatly appreciated

Spearmint or pepermint is a terpene and is bleu of color i always imagine iT has something to do with strain and that iT is a terpine of Some kind iT has a very anise flavor and in Some strains iT is wAy more than in other

Ya im asking cause a friend asked me, he has lots of experience running wiped films. But just resently syarted running a spd and has had it happen to him, ive never experienced it so i was if jo help. Basically what you said it what i tokd him there are aome many variables its hard to always get repeatable results, when running the way he is.

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