Azulene in my CBD Distillate

My CBD Distillate came out with a green tint on my second run in the short path. From reading I understand that it is Azulene but I don’t know how it happened or how to avoid it. Can I clean up the green tint with another run? Thank you guys for the help.

Yes but some parameters are off
What is temp head and vacuum depth when mains come over ?

Rerun it and fraction off the azulene

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I reran it and fractioned off the Azulene


Looks good now. Curious, did u use any adsorbents? Ive honestly never seen the deep smurf blue of azulene in any hemp dostillations (i have seen turquoise) only in thc distillations and only when i used adsorbents like carbon. You do not want to use anything acidic in a hemp distillation or youre likely to isomerize some of your cbd to thc

How come you where t able the first time ? To fraction it of ?

What temp did the azulene come? I need to get some out of my run.

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Usually 10-15C below main body temp

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Being new to distillation and on my first run, I saw green in my mains. Nobody to turn too, I started reading and cane up with Azulene. Turns out it was me making the mistake of letting my heads flow into my mains.

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On a first run that’s a minor mistake


I just did the same thing and it’s bugging me a lot. That green tint is not attractive


I was quite a bit more patient on my second attempt. Paid better attention to my temps and avoided swapping the flasks too soon. Read a thousand threads on here and think I pulled it off. I’ll have the COA today and show the results good or bad.


Im getting alot of streaking in my body…mantel always trips out when im in the pocket ugh

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What do you mean your mantle trips out? Are you talking about a breaker on your electrical panel? Or the mantel’s state of mind?

And what do you mean by when you’re in the pocket?

Streaking in your distillate can happen for a number of reasons. What are you winterization protocols and do you think you go far enough into the main fraction to remove all of the heads?


the pocket is 173…My mantle shoots way up unexpectedly

My vape temp climbs from 173 to 190 in a matter of seconds

What kind of mantle are you using? You might be able to adjust some settings in there once you get in your "pocket. I usually adjust the P value about 4 times a run

i have the bvv 20l. ill try that. the calibration seems off too