Average yield from bud run bho or trim run bho extraction double as grade material

Just wondering what everyone’s average yield on a bho extraction with bud or trim material ??


Mine is usually around 8-15% Trim. 18-28% Nug. Usually when i run trim I wouldnt exactly say double as most of my trim has lower larf mixed in.


Just a hair over the cannabinoid content of the input material is about standard.

Depends how hard or soft you blow on it.

Strain & Run also effect yield. If the strain is high in sequesterpenes you get a little more, if its profile is dominated by mono-terpenes you get a little less. If the strain has smaller trichomes, you’ll probably pull more wax. That will raise “yield” if you’re not dewaxing before you count your chickens. Pretty sure MORE trichomes also yields more waxes, presumably because they’re not all ripe at the same time.


Right on thanks and how about after winterization when wanting to distillle?