Average ratio of bud:trim from a harvest?

Question for someone who has more growing and trimming experience than I do. What would you say is the average ratio of bud:trim after all the trimming is done? Say for every kg of finished bud, there is about X amount of grams of trim? And I’m thinking about table trim here not throwing in the fan leaves and floor sweepings.


so many variables, I’m interested to hear from some of the bigger scale growers. In my modest garden, one strain will produce 1oz of trim/popcorn per QP of dried flower, another will produce 2oz per QP. Also depends greatly on if I flowered them soon enough and they didn’t grow out of control and shade the other plants, leading to more popcorn.

I know for my situation, anything thats less than a 2-3g dried flower gets thrown in the blast pile and gets extracted. This usually ends up being about a 50/50 ratio of stuff I’ll actually trim up and smoke, or stuff that goes in the extractor.

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Based on your small but experienced dataset, it sounds like roughly 3:1 bud:trim. This is sort of what I thought it was. I used to actually manage a farm and we had huge datasets, I just never took an average of all the trim data since we weren’t extracting and so focused on buds. Oops.

yeah that’s about the average I’m seeing. As time goes on, my desire to trim diminishes and my bud to trim ratio gets closer to 1:1 but that’s just my laziness :joy:

Keep in mind, this is just a single room @1200 watts HPS so it’s nothing big by any means.


Machine trim average (wet trim)
4lbs dry = 1.5
20lb dry = 5lbs

Aprox weights

I oull down harvests for clients. 5yrs, my averages are above +/- cpl oz


which is where “whole plant extract” comes in.

lets be honest here. extracting without trimming is NOT about the entourage effect. it’s about economics.

gotta love the marketing that is Cannabiz


From 40lbs of trimmed bud we usually get 10lbs of trim (hand trimmed). Stems and fan leaves are not included in the trim weight. We usually grow Gorilla Glue, Cookies and some sort of OG.

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It is dependent on cultivar, anywhere from 25-40% of the bud weight will be good “sugar” trim. Cookies and OGs generally are easier to trim and can be ball parked at 25% of flower weight, but stuff like Trainwreck or any old dutch genetics will generally have more fine trim.

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I wanted to bump this so we can renew this discussion.

Would everyone safely say that typical bud:trim ratios range from 1:1 to 4:1, dependent upon cultivar?

Boss man says it’s closer to 5:1 or 6:1 but that just seems unrealistically low. We never kept solid records in the gray market so at this point I think we’re just guessing. Any input anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.

I would agree that 5:1 or 6:1 is accurate with what we see.

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Thank you. Do you happen to know what your breakdown is per 1000W(or equivalent)?

IE Trim yield = 0.5lb/lamp, .25lb/lamp?

Genetics play a key role in ratios of bid to trim. Some strains are more leafy than others, which will askew your ratio numbers.

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Bingo! Eliminating a $50-$100 a # hand trimmer is a huge reduction in overhead. Here in Nor Cal the need for hand trimmers has been falling every year. This last season we switched to hourly pay vs per # pay and did not have a shortage of workers. On our farm we ar processing bucked material vs trimmed material.