Average loss of cannabinoids from extraction to distillate

Lets say you have some biomass testing at 12% total cannabinoids what would you expect your yield to distillate to be? What is an acceptable loss of overall cannabinoids and where are we losing the majority of them?

I recently tested some starting material and it came back 22% cannabinoids. After extraction we tested the material again and it was 1.06% cannabinoids. After a carbon scrub and decarb we had yielded just under 16% to crude, already a significant loss. I figure in the end I will hit around 10-11% to distillate but I’m scratching my head as to where the other 11% of cannabinoids could have gone. Just wanted to see if anyone is testing starting material and can say how much they are losing, if any, on average.

first loss, followed by filter loss

thca = thc * 0.877

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There’s a couple threads around…

I think most people around here get 70% by the time their second pass is done from their thc-a initial content.

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I get the loss of the CO2:



So according to the title(sort of) is this your only conversion??

Conversion to THCa to CBNa AND CBN to THC losing 4H(1.007947*4=4.031788).

THCa to THC that’s ~0.877
THCa to CBNa that’s ~0.877
CBNa to CBN that’s ~0.982
THC to CBN that’s ~0.987
someone has logged data of these conversions “from extraction to distillate”? I would love if none would convert to CBN*, but I guess that’s just a dream.

Cbn conversion with good vacuum is no more than 2 % in total

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Thanks, great, I take of a note of that. Do you decarb before or after extraction? Have you tried both?

After tried both but thca dissolves better,less volume,and color remediation works better on thca crude


Great, thank you.