AVD cartridge distributor needed

Looking for east coast if there is one, if not can someone point me in the right direction. Need wholesale snap top cartridges


Don’t have snap tops to my knowledge but @QBD420 your best bet for hardware

Thanks, but im looking for avd brand specifically thats already in the states

Ahh i see. Well good luck finding it. Ask @qma maybe for a lead if anything idk tbh. Drawing blanks here.

I know we have a rep for them @avd710 or @AVDMarcus I believe

I believe your best option is to message marcus@avdpro.com. He will surely be able to take care of you or know who is on the east coast that may have available inventory.

Follow us at www.avd710.com

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What if you could buy AVD’s directly from the factory and pay the same price as their distributors?

That sounds nice. not sure if it is real or fake AVD. What is AVD and AVID?

AVID is the parent company for AVD…


AVID is NOT with AVD factory now, and is working with a packaging company which has zero vape cartridge experience and declared they sell lower price. Be careful when you heard them say lower price.

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Yes “Ella” (aka Next Level scumbags), we are now working with a new factory. Our fourth factory since we started in 2018. Considering you guys are simply “sales people” without a clue when it comes to manufacturing, you’re credibility is lost. What matters most is the management team and supply chain which we have always controlled in China.

Imagine that, a distribution company trying to convince customers to not buy factory direct so they can get their broker fee. Sounds a lot like Blockbuster Video before Netflix.

We first started at ARC in Songgang, then we went to Vaplax in ShaJing, then to Naixing in Fuyong and now Our factory in Zhengshou. This is a similar strategy that was employed by Apple and Foxconn, which now produces nearly 50% of all iPhones in the world.

And now that “our team” no longer manages the “old” factory, we have already heard complaints from customers of poor quality and QC issues. Your comment wreaks with desperation. We knew that was just a matter of time because we know our old factory is NOtHING but a cheap copycat factory without us and will go back to making inferior and unreliable cartridges. Have fun with that. And those “Good Carts” leak like a son of a bitch. :joy:

I’m Ann, account manager at AVID and am based out of Shenzhen, China.

As mentioned above, as the manufacturer and owner of the popular AVD brand, here at AVID we are able to offer cartridges at factory-direct prices. We know that every penny counts in a competitive industry, but you shouldn’t have to give up great service and support. We’re here to support your advanced cartridge needs.

Please feel free to reach out to me: ann@avd.com for pricing, samples and more!