AVB QWET (FECO?)- Advice needed on further processing for a home user

Hey All,

I’m interested in how much time to invest (if any) in improving my QWET home extractions. I recently processed a batch of 2 cups of AVB along with a approximately a quarter ounce of decarbed low strength (15-16%) value weed.

Not wanting to make a dry ice run, 600ml of 200% ethanol (food grade solvent, not denatured) was frozen in my chest freezer along with the washed AVB and decarbed bud. After a day I did two 5 minute washes, the first was with 300ml of ethanol(enough to cover with some room). The second was with 300ml of ethanol I had been using to clean my glass and vape pieces. After which I evaporated.

The yield was great, around 5 grams (more than I expected with AVB). I diluted about a gram into a tincture, but now I have enough that I’m considering processing further. I’m assuming in order to vape safely I would need to winterize the crude.

Is it worth it in this sense to dilute, winterize, and filter to the point where I can get a smokeable product for myself, or have I wasted enough ethanol at this point and I should just make tinctures and edibles?

I’ll be processing all my AVB in this way in the future, it really did seem to produce and excellent yield with little to no burnt smell/taste, little to no smell or taste of any kind really!

Did you monitor temp? I can skip winterizing when I use dry ice temps. In addition what was your starting material? I use 95%, and get great slabs. Terpy strains will always be more like pull and snap unless you wait for the terps to migrate to the surface.

But definitely filter. The longer you have plant components, the darker green you get.

0 degrees in the chest freezer and no idea during the wash, they were in a heavily salted ice water bath. So hopefully in the teens there. It’s the weed equivalent of coffee grounds and yard clippings in 100% from this batch, so I wasn’t exactly expecting either the quality (strength) or quantity (yield) of what I got.

I should have left the liquid crude in the freezer to winterize and then filtered, but I immediately started reducing it instead. Lesson learned, pricey one with the 600ml of ethanol I wasted!

OP stated input
ABV: Already Been Vaped. aka “I distilled off the terpenes and huffed them…”

then added insult to injury by using bong cleanings for the second wash. :wink:

in most whirlds, this is edible grade and/or input for distillation.

@AWistfulNihilist: I’d suggest eddibles.

Does it require winterization before vaping? that’s probably a personal choice. 5min @ -20C will certainly pull some fats and waxes. If you’re willing to throw some dry ice and time at it, you could certainly get most of them out. As the input is ABV, one might expect more fats and waxes than using cured flower or trim as input. I’ve not actually looked a ABV derived QWET’s on a GC, so I’m guessing when I suggest you’ve probably got 60% cannabinoids there…possibly 65%.

I would expect some CBN as well, but that depends on how you performed your initial “terp strip” :wink:

looking at the residue & temp profile on your customary vape device might help inform your decision to winterize. if you haven’t filtered it will, you’ll see particulate. if there’s lots of fats and waxes, it won’t evaporate with the good stuff at the right temp…

and huffing just a little won’t hurt you a whole lot…but you should be able to answer your “should I huff this often?” pretty quick.

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@Pharmer_Joe has posted this long ago and far away: Polishing extracts | Skunk Pharm Research

you can absolutely get huffables out if you so desire.

Thanks brother, greatly appreciate the information! After the washes I did filter through multiple paper towels and the paper towels definitely pulled away quite a bit of solid material. This man turned some trash to treasure there.

edit I probably will end up using a bit more ethanol and redissolving, winterizing, and filtering to clarify, now I’m just interested in OK looking I can get this!