Autoflower sugaring right away

so i am running a strain sunberry. Its some outdoor autoflower that produces a really nice product. However it seems to require less recovery time in the cls and at -10 is still producing a muffin in the collection pot. The strain starts to crystalize right away without any temp or further purge. has anyone experienced this before? within hours with no vac the entire pyrex sugars up. i will post pictures tomorrow. Just curious as to why this happens.

Do you know what the cannabinoid content is?

Awaiting test results.


Sounds like a great problem to have! Run it with propane for super sauce.

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I can make my stuff do this EVERY time, if extracted cryo cold helps way more

Recover all…scrap and jar the honey oil for bigger sugar, or just leave it…it should crash if you don’t purge at all and let it purge itself with time… Vac Purge later if needed… You can purge before u let sit but only quick

You could probably only mess up one way, purging it before jarring to long then you have no terps hardly or residual solvent to act as Crystallization agent

Couple my strains when done like this happen over night,

My theory, the faster strains have less wet terps I noticed, the terpenes are the solvent for Crystallization in this method…it will work Everytime

Strains w more terps takes couple days longer sometimes week or so, they act for slower Crystallization… But it happens EVERY time for years now!

Only bc they so many ways to skin a cat!

As long as she skint and proper at end, who’s gonna know how u get there…

Crystallization just a process