August MoM is @Thumper!

My wife would ixnay that plan lol

She isn’t a fan of Vegas (not to say I am either lol)

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Make US proud! Regardless of reasons for winning, you’re now a MoM. Do all the things you said you were going to do if you won.
And I mean EVERY FUCKING ONE OF THEM! You are the monthly representative for what should be thebest member of the month.

It really meant something to me when I won, and I tried to go forth into the world as a good representative of our community. Talk is cheap thumps, let’s see some action! I believe in you (I don’t know why?), Spread some knowledge, teach someone something new, actually compile a list of search links for people looking for info, and for fuck’s sake! Be the best you you could possibly ever be. Give a random person an ounce of some of your favorite stain. For no reason other than you wanted to share it with them because it’s your favorite.

You’ve got it in you @thumper, if I wouldn’t have thought that you might be a serial killer I might have truly considered heading to Chicago. It’s ok though, I’m right where I’m supposed to be doing good things for good people that I respect, and look up to.


Yeah Vegas isn’t my cup of tea either. I’m going for the trade show and the networking


I figured!


You and @TwistedStill
Absolutely nothing else! I’m coming out to meet my fucking friends, give you all hugs, and spend some real time with you.

I’ll actually have money to travel and enjoy myself. I’m no longer living off of 650 bucks a month, so I’m going to enjoy myself. If rather chill with you guys and talk shit then go some where exotic. I’ve been allot of those places already. I’ll go back to hunt orchids (and if they let felons in) though.

I’ll work my ass off and take 1 or less days off a week, but I want to have a good time and enjoy myself when I’m off off. Because let’s face it, there’s never off off for people like us because shit still needs to get done.

I enjoy having purpose the most. I may not know what I’m doing when I get up, but I carry out my tasks with purpose and pride.

You never know though, I might have to run something right through your neighborhood one of these days. There’s no limit to where our trucks will carry their loads! (I think… Definitely not if you pay first!)


Congratulations @thumper. There was a saying I strongly believe in the first chapter of game of thrones I feel is relevant to what happened here. Ned stark told Bran after beheading a deserter if the nights watch, that a lord must do the punishment it must come from his hands. If he can’t bear to do it , then maybe it shouldnt be done. We aren’t that big of a site where an auto flagging system leading to a temporary ban of a user without Approval from a higher ups is necessary are we?


You coming out?

You’ll have to come visit when I come that way, or I can head that way for a day or two before I leave.

I’m not sure where in Washington/Oregon everyone is, but I’ll make a circuit for those that want to hang, and talk shit with me!

My neighbor was telling me about North Central Washington. That’s where his family is, I can’t remember the name of the city, but I’m going to do some driving while I’m there because I have to meet his parents and shake his dad’s hand while I still can (he’s in his 90’s still doing the odd granite job here and there.) I hope I can make it that long!


I concur but with fancy legal language (legalese?) and stuff

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And that my friends is how glg got infiltrated by an undo.


Congratulations @thumper !

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We will put together the local Washington crew for a proper greeting.


@sidco I’m starting to buy what he’s selling.


@Capttripppp and I were just talking about this. That would be fucking sweet. I’m excited.


at least we got the dog back in the car. She loves her freedom. Good thing she didnt see a helicopter or plane and chase it. She was doing her thing until she figured out we were ignoring her. So she kept running up witha stick but staying far enough to make it a game.


@thumper She was stick hunting and it was cool meeting you and burning some tree. She’s a chill dog for sure wants attention she knew when the bud went away the party was done.

Really wish COVID wasn’t back on bullshit I would burn one anywhere with anyone on this forum I’ve learned a lot. And still have so much more I want to learn and burning trees talking shop is how I roll.


I’m jealous he got to meet the dog! How is she? I almost became a dog dad, I’ll pay a picture of him. But someone much much wiser than me asked me the right question, or told me the right thing. I needed to hear it: “Mrs. Ruth will not be pleased she’ll have to clean after a dog started in the house”

So Mrs Ruth will never have to clean after my dog, because I don’t have one. I have a cat, and I need to get him back. There’s nothing to clean up after him, but some hair and dead mice. That’s a maybe on the mice, he loves to toy with them outside and they generally get away. Poor bastards are dragging themselves away from a dickhead cat the just fucked them up, and he lets them run. I don’t know how long they make it, but if they live they’ll wish they didn’t. Poor bastards…

understand= youre being rude. accept i got a mom and give me a hard time if/when i fuck up. dont ask for pics of me/ ill accept jcs pic since i just got a haircut for moms funeral/ it was looking more homeless before that.

Then I guess we have an appointment in the future for whenever we’re near the same place! I’ll meet anyone here that wants to meet. If you got time for me, I got time for you!


the only threat i see is a narc putting names and pics and numbers out= that would get flagged by users while mods may be asleep.

The last thing I want is you actually know what you look like. I’m enjoying my mental picture of you. And I wasn’t being rude thumps, I was reminding you of what you said. I wish the best for you, I really do. I don’t wish any bad on anybody.

But I want to see you follow through with all the things you said. If you follow through with everything you said, you’ll be on the next vote for level 4. It’s not even making the poll, it’s being told by yours peers that you would make a great example as a leader. All of our level 4’s are a great representation of the whole here. Obviously you’ve done enough for the whole to recognize you, personally.

Now show us what you’re made of, and make a difference! Again, I believe in you thumps. I know you can grow, and make gummies (or so you say). I know you can help people, I’ve seen it.

I’m trying to motivate you, not be rude. Sorry if you don’t like my style, but now it’s time to give substance back to the community at large. Where you live, here. Be the person people think to call first. Whatever that means…

@FicklePickle is probably upset you won, because of the president it sets for the whole. I’m not upset you won, I’m upset that’s there were legitimate people that should just get handed MoM because of the difference they make in the world as a whole, not just here.

I don’t know what you’ve got going on, but you can’t even find people to work for you, and you provide them weed! That’s a sign of something. I have no intention of bringing up all the negativity because you’ve won, and I will not rain on your parade. But I’ll be holding you to the standard you would said you bring if you won. Well…
You better come to GLG gathering now that you’re in, and cool like that


i dont accept your positive thoughts. Ill be me and do good and it has nothing to do with are one of 6 on the forum who wanted me silenced and if it was up to you id not ever been allowed to enter. Im not mad but we arent friends. Capi created the thread named - is thumper a cop, it got zero responses but cmon?