Attracting fats to a rod and pull out

Hey guys and gals - I have a question to put out -
Can we put a metal rod that can be hooked up to some source of current or created the rod to attract ( safety must be top priority) and place the rod into a vessel full of solvent then freeze the vessel and attract the fats towards this rod and then pull out ? Do any of these products have properties like that ?

Similar to the way they use a powered coating booth -

I know it’s way out there but could this be the next way of filtering out unwanted things?


Electrochemistry is super interesting stuff- @cyclopath May have brought something like this up in the past if I recall correctly?


I wonder if the thread is still on here ?

Wouldn’t that be amazing though ,

I can see way less of a impact to the earth if that was the case -

Thank you for sharing -

Not I. But having played in a powder coating booth it does sound intriguing

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I have some experience as well in the sandblasting and painting industry from many moons ago lol . It was interesting how they would charge the pieces and the coating would just stick to the piece .

There has to be a way - if it is super cold would they not form on there (the fat )? Even if it wasn’t charged electrically but even a super chilled pipe that just grew the fat on it you catch my drift ?

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Possibly able to get phospholipids that way since phosphate group is charged. I highly doubt you can get anything else

Sounds vaguely sexual


I put a -90c immersion chiller in ceude and etho just to get the temp down quickly i was in a hurry. I know its not the same as running a current rheough it but it didnt do anything other than get it cold alot quicker and make make me have to clean the probe.


I was going to say something like a cold finger but a long tube with di cold isopropanol

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-80 cattle prod sounds sexual?

guess that’s why they be callin you @MrRandy :rofl::rofl:


Attracting fats to a rod and pull out

Sounds like a typical weekend


A ss strainer basket that can easily be pulled out to pull out the majority of the fats right after winterizing will speed up filtration of the remaining oil/solvent.


This is interesting , how do you do that
Is that what you do now ?

Sounds greasy hahaha

Thank you for sharing .

No but I seen a friend who uses a -80 freezer do that…you wont get the fats to drop out and clump up that easy unless you winterize overnight

Yes we freeze for a full 24 hours to winterize now