Assorted Glassware & Lab Stands - $2k

Hey everyone!

I have a bunch of random glass we no longer use and it’s sad to see it sitting collecting dust… Hopefully someone here can take it off my hands - I’d like to get $2k for the whole lot. I’ll also throw in all the lab stands/cross-bars/clamps.

Itemized List:

1L 24/40 flask (round) x2
500ml 24/40 Flask (round) x3
250ml 24/40 Flask (round) x2
24/40 4’’ wide powder funnel x1
45/50 1L Flask with Rodaviz thread x2
45/50 m to 24/40 f adapter x1
34/45 m to 24/40 f adapter x1
24/40 f to 24/40 m 90° bent adapter x1
24/40 to 29/42 adapter
24/40 to 24/40 adapter male to male x2
24/40 to 13/25 bushing adapter
45/50 top 4L Sep funnel w/PTFE stopcock & gl-18 drain x1
LS 3-way glass T manifold x2
Summit SPD-3 Thermal 45/50 head x1
29/42 single cow w/gl-14 x1
29/42 swingarm x1
Summit 29/42 High efficiency cow x1
14/20 100ml flask
14/20 50ml flask
14/20 25ml flask
2L 45/50 Alembic Head w/ 24/40 long spout
1L 45/50 Alembic Head w/24/40 long spout
500ml 45/50 Alembic Head w/24/40 short spout
250ml 24/40 bump-trap assembly
2L 24/40 2-neck RBF

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