ASSISTANCE NEEDED: I recently ordered my 1st liter (& I need a good filling gun/filling source).. Im super interested in a Cart Farmer but

… I genuinely dont know what to order Im new to this but I clearly see that cart farmers is the way to go…

I was hoping that it would a nice little bundle however everything is sold separately and thus I dont know what to order.

If I order the filling gun (HSW unimatic) will it come with a heating element or do I have to buy a specific heating element that goes with it?
Also what are the components that I need for the build, if everything IS sold separately?

Anything helps thanks guys:)

sos @qma

If you search, I believe he has spec’s out everything that goes into a cart farmer other than the HSW in detail. The TLDR is you probably just want to buy one from him but the resource is out there somewhere


I’ll offer you consultation, but it’s going to cost the exact same amount as the CF… So… You should just buy the thing


Visual representation of what Im dealing with.

a bunch of components that im not to sure if I need or not…

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I apologise, I didn’t understand the question till I went to look on his site. He should have fully assembled kits listed but I don’t see where they are. Maybe @qma will have to help you out after all.


Yeah cart farm is out of stock of heat pads…I had the same problem. Usually there’s a product sku that has everything you need but it’s gone


Thanks for the advice mates, I thought I was going crazy lol

Yes, I have nearly 80k in heat pads tied up. I am selling what I can.


  1. Mondo Line Adapter - Cart Farm

  2. CF 1000 Reservoir - Cart Farm

  3. HSW Unimatic - Cart Farm



  6. X2



Thank you for the build! :pray:


Is there a hoes that I need to buy separately?

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Here is all the items in my cart, but I feel like something is missing…

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If you are getting the 250, you wont need the liter beaker heater. You can prolly go heaterless

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Ahh I see; final question…

what kind of hose is connected to the resovoir & the gun?



Ptfe or fep tubing (it is included with the mondo)

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It’s 1L use a syringe and microwave

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Many many thanks for your assistance @qma

I will definitely “@“ you if I for some reason have trouble assembling your masterpiece.