Asahi Glass 50L Rotary Evaporator For Sale Huber Heating equipment and many others

Aloha I currently have a 50L Asahi Glass Rotary Evaporator for sale. Unit was used for less than 7 months. Unit also comes with 1 extra 50L material flask. Please contact me at 808-344-7487 text would be best. I recently sold several of our Huber Chillers to folks in California and Texas. So far we have had zero issues with using Aloha Air Cargo for shipping. They do air shipment directly to LAX and Washington. Please do not pass up on contacting me because you think the shipping wont be worth it. I am more than willing to work with anybody that has the money. I also have several Huber heaters and chillers for sale, an ertelalsop 4 stage filter skid for ethanol extraction, a vincent screw press. Lastly we have two DN100ds wiped film short paths.

Pictures and details on the Huber’s and wipers would be nice.

The jacketed receiving flasks will only be included if both dn100ds are bought.
We also have a set of new PTFE wipers.
Overhead stirrers are Ika Ministar 80s

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I can get you pictures of each Huber unit also if you want but we started our operation in 2020 and only actually ran for about 7 months. All units were bought brand new from Huber and AGI. Cascade Sciences are the folks who handle any purchasing through AGI for us.

Model numbers for the Hubers and prices for all would help your case for any of these items.

It’ll help interested buyers tell if you are aware of current used market pricing on equipment or not.


also 4 vac pumps 3 10ic and 1 10i all edwards


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Just make offers on what you want

To start lets go 55% off MSRP. The Wiped films without the TCUs 15K ea.

@sidco could assist with suggestions for prepping and packaging those glass parts.

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Thank you very much. I will definitely contact him if anything gets sold. Fortunately I recieved these unit brand new from AGI and Huber so I have an idea of how everything was packed. Main thing in the condensing finger on the main body for the dn100. That has to be packed very carefully and secure for shipping to ensure no cracks happen.

Just post your equipment. Simple