Arghhh, being nice sucks

I have come across some -80 or so degree freezers for cheap. I’d like to turn someone on to them that isn’t going to resell them & actually use them. I can get both for 1250 bucks. Both work as advertised. The smaller freezer has no shelves, but also has never been turned on. That being said, I’d like for an individual to get them that could help further their small business and not use them to make a quick buck. I’ll take a $1 finders fee if someone is in need. I also have a line on some centrifuges cheap. Might be $2 for the finders fee, but I’ll post when I get more info.

use them.




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Those sure look a lot like really killer cold traps to me. Hmm…


:rofl: shiii

Damn not far for that

Nice note you dont hope to assist someone flipping them but using them. Bravo


We’re hurting for freezer space. Where are you located?

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Do you have interior dimensions of the main cabinets on either/both?

Ill take em. Sold. No dimensions necessary from view…
Iike new used no shelves and “used” both 1250+tip pickup in Alabama. No resale intentions. DM plz

Quick bucks are for quitters.

Plenty of previous purchase/pickup history as well…


Dammit lol!

I’ll race you to Alabama


Same, I’ll be passing through with a moving truck in a few week. Would grab these in a second

guess we getting some more freezers :man_shrugging: lol better find a Box truck these wont fit in my jeep :rofl: @lowbudgetjunk what model centrifuge?


I am literally on call for closing and handling swiftly with the pedal to the metal. Try me.

I have a ultra low standup like this that just needs a seal put back in & she’s good to go. I don’t want the the fucking thing, someone come grab it $1500 & you pickup in Az.

Nuaire ultra low

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More freezers???

You motherfuckers, some of us don’t have ANY -80 freezers!


Good Hope, AL

I’m getting details on centrifuges in the upcoming weeks. I might bump the commission to a cheeseburger, but truthfully don’t need anything for setting up a deal. It’s nice for people to get something for a good price and be able to further their career path.


I feel like this is going to be a semi-regular thing. A dollar or two, or just meeting up for a minute to say hello to people out there busting it and making a difference. With all this negativity out there, this is putting my mind in a better place…which makes it easier to come in and bust it at work.

Just don’t make me come up with a list of who is next. I am sure that there should be plenty to go around for anyone that is semi-local to Central Alabama.


I appreciate your sentiment, but you should definitely try and make a few bucks on this kind of stuff. You have the inside track on deals, leverage that to put a few bucks in your pocket and still give people great deals. These guys can cough up a few extra dollars and are still buying at pennies on the dollar.

Please hit me up if you run across more freezers this size/temp. For reference I’m trying to find something to stuff at least a dozen 8"x26" biomass socks into. 2 dozen would be better.


To say that I am blessed is an understatement. Money is great, but helping someone along just feels right. I’ve bought, sold, flipped close to a thousand cars in my lifetime…but this industry needs more thoughtful gestures and less cussing, calling out and dick swinging.

I’ve been so tired for three years and my soul is so worn out, that I just need something in my life to help keep me going. This is part of it.

This being said…if any of these guys don’t work as advertised, I’ll give you your money back…I won’t cover fuel, but I’ll give you your money back.


Danny sounds like he has a bigger demand, and he is right. We do have 2 freezers. If you still want dibs this week. Its yours @Dannywarbucks
I will reply to his dm to contact me next week if yall dont figure something out.