April Fools Day! (2023)

My absolute favorite holiday! I figured a thread to share all of the shenanigans would be a nice addition.

Here in Canada PizzaPizza released a miniature paint roller + tray for roll on dipping lol.

a once-in-a-generation innovation in dipping

Happy April Fools Day! :slight_smile:

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Saw dude wipes coffee on linkedin a day early yesterday. Heres a tweet version of it


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The best part about waking up is butt-blaster in your cup

I read it in my mind perfectly intune with the folgers jingle - Folgers Coffee Commercial 1996 (The Best Part of Waking Up) - YouTube

Thanks for that, i laughed harder than i probably should have lol.

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The BeardBros nailed it today


Lol, April fools right?

That’s why it was so good.

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Musk posted a cybertruck crash test version of the truck crashing meme that never actually crashes