App Ideas

Hey guys, Long time no see, I took a break form the community to get my head straight.

I really want to apply my software engineering skills to the cannabis industry.

I got three ideas im considering building.

  1. An app that tells you whats wrong with your plant. Take a picture and it tells you exactly whats wrong.

  2. An app that connects Consumers to local plugs - the problem i see with this is doing it securely.

  3. Metaverse Idea - A world/game that allows you to buy cannabis in game. Order in game - get it in real life…

What are you guys thought on the subject, If you can create a piece of software for the industry what will it be about?


An app that determines how loud your dope is by listening to the frequencies you can’t hear


Umm thats possible if we can create a process for determining “Loud” Dope

Would be much easier if there was already an instrument that tells you how loud your dope is.

Make it tinder style where you swipe through profile pics of nug and concentrates. Hard left on the fuglyboof. Verified by self reporting system (similar to darkweb consumer rating system).

Here’s an idea that’s probably already been done by sales platforms: price tracking on various commodities. See what the local prices are via verified transactions. Sort of like spot checking gold, but you’d be spot checking pounds or liters or concentrates in well defined markets. Idk if that would invite manipulators or stabilize the market.


@DrLoud are you a student? I ask because your enthusiasm to ‘make useful software’ smacks of a student learning their trade and gaining confidence but still with a tinge of idealism not beat out of you by the world … lol

How will you get people to use your app? To trust it?

I’d suggest pushing forward if you think you’ll learn something.


Your first idea has basically already been done by PictureThis. I think you could create an app that incentives sales by rewarding in Doge. “Come by $20 worth of product and gain 10 Doge coins.” Make the app an exchange for merchants to buy crypto. Customers will use the app and see which merchants have the best deals. I personally would come to someone’s business and buy their product if I knew I received crypto as my reward.

Well I am a life long student. So yea, I just dont want to learn something I want to build something great.

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I know of PictureThis but how good is it?
Im really not seeing the benefit of this. So the merchants will buy crypto on the platform then give it out when consumer buys products of their page?

I’d be careful if you have a legitimately good idea about posting it on here. We’ve seen there are less than…scrupulous members here who get their jollies fucking others and threatening litigation - be careful.

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Thank you for your warning, these are not fully thought out ideas. If they want to come at me with litigation I can only offer them my Computer engineering degree.

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I would like to have a sesh app where I can go into smoke sessions and it lets me connect to a hangout or zoom chat or something alone those lines and hang out with different groups of people. I’m almost always alone when I’m smoking and would like to be able to smoke with other stoners sometimes without having to smoke with people I work with.
Moderators and hosts would self regulate rooms and there would be a schedule of regular sessions and location of where its hosted.


Couldn’t you start a discord group for that?

Shit every now and then i’ll get hit up by friends I game with and we’ll all turn on our cams and sesh on discord

Maybe you could pick how to hang out and use discord

I have an app idea that would be sick for anything grown. It’s really simple I just don’t know how to make an app. I suck at technology lol

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whats your idea?

I’ll DM you

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Picture this works pretty good, not perfect

It doesn’t always identify the correct plant but it will accurately tell you if a plant is under watered :pinching_hand:

Does it tell you if you got bud rot? mold? mites, etc?