Api crystallization!

Here is a link to a video on API crystallization methods!!! When I first started and no one wanted to show any love on the TEK. I found this and try every methods, as some method get a different results when it come to cannabis to. I still listen to it today and am able to apply some API tek to my current process!!! Also has a video on seeding which is super mind blowing to understand what’s going on in the “solution”! #clutch.



Epic add! Thank you!


Thank you!!

Nice link, Will have to look up the studies he References, I really like the graphs they use to show crystallization comparing to the cycle time, Temperature, and Purity of Crystals. Need one that is specific to Thca. Probably already out there more detailed.

Your the man!

It’s a good crash course lol!!!

What a sweet and beautiful day it shall be, when we can have our cannabinoid crystals form with the consistency of the lattice-ing seen in carbon fiber !

Proprietary brand THCa sculptures lol


Mettler Toledo’s AutoChem IR based sensing platform and software package is a sweet tool. that will provide info we all can use. I am working with this system in April for THCA and CBD. Will keep forum posted. High potential I will be able to organize a meetup for the group to demo this toy in near future…


Defiantly keep me posted on that!! Have unlock ass day brotha :call_me_hand::call_me_hand: :fist_right::gem::honey_pot::fist_left:

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Great link! Thanks!!

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Great listen and great info. Thanks.

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