anyone have a good remedy for root aphids in rockwool indoor? all the info I’ve researched is spotty…
so far I’m at soap spray. also if you use neem oil early enough will it be safe through extraction?

Peroxide every day for 15 days 2 tablespoons a gallon after first few days up it to 3 maybe 4 but dont burn them do it gradually


2ml/gal soil drench or foliar
Use 3x 4 days apart

Its systemic, dont ues in flower

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Beauveria Bassiana

It is a strain of fungus that will kill the root aphids. It is not a contact killer. The root aphids will come in contact with the fungus & the fungus will grow out of them killing them.

List of products include OG Bio War, Mycotrol, Build-a-soil Beauveria Basianna.

Good luck, they are evil little bastards!


get your temps down, airflow and co2 up high. you can put some DE down to kill them like a field of razor blades around the base of your plants.


i found adding DE plus some Dr bonners peppermint soap to a spray bottle and drenching the problem area works great, if the air flow is good over the plants, lots of the pest get encapsulated in the DE one it dries out

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At two different places, I had a couple soil drenches that worked great followed up by a couple pyretheium bombs. Crushed them. I forget what the soil drench was you could easily google it though.

knocked them back gradually with the peroxide like you said for 2 weeks and let loose a bunch of lady bugs and they are completely gone by week 2 …thanks for the info worked great

OG Biowar all the way. I’m sure we all have heard of the strain MAC1. Before cap became famous for his breeding he was famous for his beneficial bacteria.

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What percent peroxide do you use when mixing?


Soil drench at 2ml/gal gor 2 consecutive waterings.

No more bugs