Anyone use these wood tips on carts?

I’ve heard these tips get soggy from saliva as they’re used. Love the look but if they don’t hold up to prolonged use then that won’t fly.

Anyone ever use these? Feedback?


Easy to scratch with my favorite capper

What happened to that 50 shot barrel?

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lol we got one of the michigan lab company’s cart shooters and it had a defective PID so the tube heated up to over 400 when we checked with infrared while temp controller said 100. was a real fun week

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I’m hoping you didn’t use that same barrel to fill any carts? I’d be concerned it’s already questionable integrity would be severely compromised after that much deformation.

The ones I’ve had didn’t give me any trouble, but I didn’t care for the mouth feel of them, almost like they were unfinished. That was back when you could get old g2 squared off wood tips, just before the advent of ceramic coil carts.

the barrel was so blown out it was impossible to hit the plunger or even put the PID back on. Not a fan of this plastic, i am concerned about leeching. wish it would be developed w stainless or glass

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Yeah I liked the look, but real wood tips let off wood flavor that steals from the oil…

And yeah they do get soaked up on the inside too of tip. I discontinue using them

I’ve used those, moved to ceramic. Same reasons mentioned so far, soaks up moisture and oil, can be fragile, and glue is used to hold the tip to threaded insert. I didn’t like the plastic ones at all they cracked easily.


I didnt care for the soggy feeling of the wood on my lips as a consumer. As a guy who makes his own carts now I’ve never used them and likely never will.

Wood seems to be a strange choice of materials for this application at least in my opinion…I just assumed it was to market to the granola hippie crowd.



I noticed a strong wood taste when I tried these carts. Would almost completely alter the taste of the distillate.

I like them, but I also like granola. You can buy a battery/mod that looks like a wooden or corn cob pipe. It’s nostalgic of your first lil shitty wooden pipe from your cousins trip to Jamaica. It resembles the wood trim in a luxury vehicle. I get mine with gold post and bottom and it’s like I’m smokin hookah in Persia. Meaning to say it has class out the ass. The cats meow. The most elegant way for a true gentleman or lady to enjoy they’re vaping experience. If you get the rubber caps on the tips the gator don’t bite. The ones from @Ascent don’t have any flavor difference that I’ve noticed. Could be biased. But it’s my current jam.

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Anyone get any splinters from the wood mouthpiece?