Anyone use ethanol denatured with Isopropyl and Bitrex?

If so, what is your experience with it and how does it perform vs other types of denatured ethanol (like ethanol denatured with n-heptane)?
Is there any way to remove the bitrex from the extract once ethanol is evaped?

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Yes sounds disgusting

It would probably stay in the waste fraction when you distill the cannabinoids, but it wouldn’t take very much jumping to the distillate to ruin it.

To get bittrx out First distill the ethanol
As usual twice work clean bitrex is not volotile iT Will stay in boiling flask

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I was going to say couldn’t you just distill off the alcohol leaving behind the bittrx

So you’ve found an ethanol denatured with ISO? No mek

yes its on ebay - only has ethanol, iso, and bittrex

An SRI 310 gas chromatograph may be beneficial for testing the residual solvents. For example, to see if the method for removing bitrex, did remove it.


@Shadownaught do u guys have this stuff

Do you mean distill the ethanol twice or just once. Your post was a little confusing to me sorry.