Anyone try these yet? Ygreen SC6

I’ve heard good things about them but haven’t yet tried them. Hoping to get some feedback before I order a couple thousand (I do have my own samples in route.)

Here’s a picture of them. I don’t know anything about the linked website, it was just the first google image that came up.
Here’s a picture of them

yes they break very easily… But have a great taste and i really liked them. Just way too fragile.


A friend of a friend works for this company, I’ve gotten samples to fill. Some work fine, some don’t. I’ve gotten good flavors from the CCell clone they have.

I like Jupiter’s carts but their prices are a bit high…

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I agree with @SOGARMY, they break super easy. Taste is great though!!

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They look dope af like they would put out a fat smooth rip

What is the defect rate on these? do you know of another cartridge with a similar concept? (All ceramic and borosilicate contact surfaces)

Ikrusher is the best in state cart supplier I’ve found in over 2 years leak rate is way below 1% and the have a lot of style , the ccell clones work grea and don’t absorb .3 out of .5 as I was told by ccell. Bonus they have warehouses in sf and la if you would like my guys number let me know. Until I absolutely have to I will not be changing companies, they have a lot already stateside so the tariiffs wont effect it.

Everyone uses ikrusher including myself. I am looking for a company that limits metal contact surfaces

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I havent used those carts in particular but everything I have gotten from Ygreen has been better than anything else I have used besides the expensive jupiter carts

Have you tried the transpring a3-c?

Is that one that has the rounded metal tip? the “leak proof” as they call it?

Can you run distillate with a 4-6% terp ratio a d not get clogging/popping issues with these iKrusher carts?


Not sure, I dont see them mentioning leak proof as a selling point on their site.

This looks similar. I’ve heard Ikrusher has a “pancake” design, I wonder if this is what is used here:

I’m testing the pancake design as we speak, I dig the holes on the bottom but I’m running a bunch of test on them.

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be carefull. I had them…taste is ok, but nothing special. Most annoying this is that the cearmic pole breaks easily. I would not buy them again, they are way to fragile…

It’s not about taste, it’s about no contact points with metals that leech.

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Has anyone tried the YGreen cart with bottom airflow . Having clogging problems with the SCO. Im thinking of switching to the full ceremic SCO+ but again it’s top airflow and now I believe the technology has improved alot in the bottom airflow carts

Which Ygreens? I have some of the ccell clones coming from their LA office,should land today. 1.40 per, hoping they can become my “recommended knock off” as far as domestics.

Did you find anything that you liked?