Anyone tried using TiO2 for cbn production instead of sulphur?

Just like the title states I’m curious if anyone has tried using titanium dioxide to convert d8 to cbn? Just don’t like that shitty egg smell. Still comes through after chromatography and distillation. Was thinking about packing my head with copper wool to see if it will remove it during distillation but wasn’t sure if it would have an adverse effect.


Doesn’t titanium dioxide cause potentially violent reactions with other metals?

Hypochlorous acid. Your welcome.

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Thanks so much.

Should get that smell out nice and good :ok_hand:

Yeah the smell isn’t as strong as when it’s first produced, but it still smells like egg farts. Should I do a wash on it while it’s still in hexane? Like a liquid to liquid?

@Rowan this is was all I could find about the reactions that occur with metals. So long as my d8 doesn’t contain any of these it shouldn’t be an issue, correct? A full panel should let me know what heavy metal contamination the product contains. I’ve Never used titanium dioxide for anything before and didn’t plan on just throwing it in the flask and seeing what happens but wanted to see if anyone else had given it a shot.