Anyone selling retail CBN?

Want to try some but don’t trust the quality unless it’s from here.

Thank you.

Open Book Extracts and Chilmark Labs have hemp derived CBN crystals.


What do you mean by retail CBN? like in a finished consumable product? If so yes, I do located here

or if you mean raw for further processing like CBN isolate then yes, there are several here that sell clean high quality cbn isolate. first one that comes to mind is @ZenLion on this thread.

7 Likes has CBN isolate and tinctures retail and wholesale




I think ive got the cheapest retail cbn right now and its sourced from one of the slangers on here.

$25 for 1g before discount (“future4200” for 25% off that) bringing it down to 18.75.


I’ve got a bottle of tincture I mixed up sitting next to me on my desk. It doesn’t do anything or have any psychoactive effects. The story that it is relaxing and sleep inducing is just hippy lore. It does have some degree of anti-seizure activity like CBD, but not as much as CBD. In my view it is just another placebo ingredient.

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So scientific of you. didnt work for me doesnt equal hippy lore.

My cbd/cbn tincture is the best reviewed product on my site and every review is saying how it has helped them relax and sleep better. Does it work for everyone, no. Does that mean its a placebo? No.


I’m willing to bet you are a daily smoker. In my experience if you smoke, you will need a much higher dose of CBN. If you do not smoke 4mg will put you to sleep. We are getting great feedback on our CBN gummies.


Try 50mg and tell me it’s not psychoactive


I have made a handful of cbn gummies too, the wild part is i get some people saying the gummies worked better than the tincture and then some saying the opposite. (they are equally dosed, 1 gummy=1ml tincture)


Lol ive done up to 400mg with no real noticeable effect
Ive had rhe same experience as @thesk8nmidget its a hit or miss if it works for u.
Fyi, sleeping pills dont work for me except for ambien, so that could be why


You’re definitely looking at different absorption rates / bioavailabilities but I don’t know if it’s enough to make a difference. It could be psychosomatic or there might be some kind of extended release effect going on.

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And correct me if im wrong but your customer base is heavier on the cbd side vs the thc side right?

For my tincture company were using all nd thc products in the starting material before we dilute in tinctures and our target demographic are people that dont wanna get “high” or have any stoned feelings. So most the people were selling our tinctures to are not thc users and essentially have zero tolerance from the start.


Tbh cbn is selling very slow on the storefront. Most people dont know about it still, i have actually gotten about even reviews on both sides, the cbd users and the thc users. Ive made cbd:cbg:cbn capsules, thc:cbn tinctures, cbd:cbn tinctures, and it always seem to be a hit or miss, but i think high doses of thc with cbn is counterintuitive, seemed like that made it work less across the board. Pairing the cbn with cbd and cbg seemed to do the trick for most people (but still doesnt work for me).
Cbd:cbg:cbn caps were 50:50:25 mg respectively.

Ur right my customer base is vastly larger on the cbd side, but it seems like only the thc users are demanding to try the cbn, the cbd users are like stumbling upon it.
If u really want it to work or give it the best shot, id for sure take a T break, or atleast dont smoke 4 or 8 hrs b4 u try to use the cbn to sleep and pair it with cbg

I thought higher wouod be better. I started with 100mg thc and 100mg cbn, didnt do much, moved to 400/400 nada. Then finally i was up to 800/800 and finally felt really heavy in thr eyes but i think at that point it was just the thc taking over. I went back and reformulated into cbd/cbg/thc and others had way better experiences with cbn than i did


I have tried 100mg. It’s not psychoactive.

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Don’t take my word for it, look up any of the peer reviewed scientific papers that report no psychoactivity.

I’m sure some folks would consider, light VALIUM psychoactive…and most on this site would laugh at it … :man_shrugging:


Then you have this…

Claiming CBD is psychoactive

Mixed up an MCT tincture with apx 1,500mg/oz of cbn i also added trivial amounts of cbd, d8, and d9 (non of which on thier own would have caused the experience I had)

1ml held under the tongue for a bit then swallowed. About 45 mins in I had what felt like the beginning of a mushroom trip happen. I deff had some very mild visual hallucinations for a while before feeling almost opiated or disassociated for several hours before falling asleep.

I had the same experience several times on that same dose spaced out with weeks in-between. Idk if its just my body but I literally don’t take that tincture anymore b.c. my girlfriend said it makes me pretty annoying to be around b.c. of the short term memory loss and couch lock effects it has on me :person_shrugging:

For me personally it’s an amazing sleep aid by itself around 2-5mg