Anyone producing hemp bio diesel ?

Looking for any info on hemp bio diesel. Looking to run a generator

You want hemp seed oil. Flowering varieties don’t produce it.

Ok thanks :pray:

@BrotanicalMatt is someone you should speak with.

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We make hemp derived ethanol :wink:


What type of generator?

Diesel :wink:

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50kw either mq power or Hanco

:joy::joy::joy: ok… :joy::joy::joy:

@anon32743824 What’s your power usage?

Not sure yet. But won’t need more than 50kw I know that

Why go through the biodiesel process? Seems like a lot of activation energy when it can be simpler.

At 50kw you’d recommend burning biomass for steam ya?

Why steam :thinking:

Much more efficient ways exist

Gassification works but youll never get your money back. And not for diesel engines.

100kw takes about 90kg/hr

Breaking down for Syngas?

Only data I’ve seen on that trick is from all-power-labs in Berkeley.

they’ve been saying they couldn’t do it for the last five years…

Edit: others (eg @MrRandy) disagree…and I want them to be right :wink:


Warm. :smiling_imp:

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Cant trust those guys in berkeley to take a shower let alone put in work😂

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