Anyone need better cart Prices?

Hey what’s good my people!
I’ve been an importer of goods for a long time and have ventured in to the canna business (which I love)
One of the best things I have been able to do is minimize my costs in carts. Where I save $5,000.00 per order. If anyone’s interested let me know. My vendor is amazing and the fail rate has been minimal.
Here are some pictures of the carts.

What’s the $?

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Sent you an email.

If anyone is in the Seattle area, I would go in 1/2 on a 5000 box of ccells. They are half the price at that quantity. So $1.25 for glass w/plastic tips

price on the v9’s full gram with the bigger appeture holes?

Send me a product list with prices , I’m currently buying 20k+per order. Where do they ship from and also how do you except payment. I would love a few samples of your styles if I could save .25c on each cart I would be ecstatic. You can email me at. Thanks

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The V9s are pricy.
Best thing I can do is on order of 10,000
0.5g @ $1.55
1.0g @ $1.63

Are they shipped from China, I like to know the final price after everything PayPal fee, shipping, wire transfer amount etc. basically want to know the cost to get it to my door and also how fast is your shipping

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What’s up @Concentrated_humbold
I have emailed you and PMd you on this.
In order to give you exact dates, times, and shipping costs. I need you to specify a model.
I have sent you the catalog with pricing.
Please advise in an email.
Thank you!

Ok I’ll give it a look, my zip code is 95501. Are they shipped from China or a wharehouse in the usa

At the moment I don’t have stock here in the USA they are shipped from the MFG warehouse.

What kind of pricing can you source on CCell 1.0g and 0.5 gram glass/plastic? Order quantity would range from 50k-75k depending on pricing available.

I can beat those prices if anyone needs 5k carts or more

I don’t mean to be rude if it sounds like it, nor rain on your hustle. But when u said you don’t have any in stock in the us… are you just middle manning for Ali baba or something?


basically :rofl::joy:

none of these are real ccell. good luck finding real ccell less than 2.65

I guess the only upside to his hustle would be less transit time if he was buying huge bulk and just reselling. I know lead time from China can be long sometimes… but alas “I don’t have any stock in the us” kind of negates that. Cheers anyway, I respect the hustle