Anyone know glass blowers that could fix broken glassware?

I did a thing… I’m wondering if someone know anyone who could fix it. Grateful for any leads.

it really depends how broken it is… most joints can be fixed or replaced but cracks are not as easy

google a local headshop and ask them if they can link you up with a local glass blower that can do it… also could try the facebook glass groups like american glass $500 and under and others like it…


Thanks. I got a tip from soxhlet too. I’ll look into your recommendation aswell.

This looks fixable.

Are you in NorCal bc there are several scientific glass blowers around…

We can repair glass, but that one looks too far gone. I can’t tell 100% but it looks like the crack is going into the rounded part of the flask as opposed to being contained in the neck area. If that’s the case its gone but if it’s only on the neck it can be fixed.

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It’s worse than a crack. A piece broke off, so I’m not sure it’s worth trying to fix.

Anyone else have an issue with these?


A friend from back home in Bellingham @itsbeaker moved to join the team at Navcour Glassware @navcourglassware

They have been a big help with reasonably priced, very fast turnaround of broken Summit SPD heads and cold traps that the manufacturer was not interested in assisting with.

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I hate glass.
I need some transparent 316 stainless steel to distill out my unobtainium cryo extractions.


You did not stretch your Bellow. When you turned on the short path the Bellow shrank and created a wedge and broke it off. It is very strong except in this situation you created a wedge that was yanking the glass down or away. You are supposed to stretch your bellows almost all the way out. This will prevent back end movement entirely on the traps.

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We can assist and fix nearly anything. Anyone who said otherwise was blowing smoke.

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Please, how does one stretch a glass elbow? @spdking

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We sent pictures of the broken GL fitting on our head and asked for a cost and time estimate and were told we shouldn’t be using an ultrasonic cleaner to clean short path parts and that’s it. No estimate or timeline given. No offer to help.


Ok, so what’s involved in rectifying this?

bellows under vacuum will pull at your glassware, not to mention the stainless adapter has a different coefficient of expansion than the glass. Not sure why they didn’t go with ptfe. you need someone for the repair? where are you located?
I am not sure stretching the bellows will fix your issue, it will still pull regardless.

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Yes I would like to get it repaired, it is a great cold trap.
Location Humbolt

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The stainless adapter holds better vacuum and has zero memory, so it stays within it’s original tollerances for life. Only when dealing with hot sections do we use PTFE, but for depth it’s considered a consumable. Our stainless adapters are helium leak detector tested to -11 scale. When used in cold condition(or even room temp) they have zero coefficient offset that would ever fight any expansion or contraction with glass. They go in and out easy. It should be avoided with serious heat. We supply these because they are a extreemely precision made billet 316 piece that will last a lifetime.

Bellows come un prepped. Yes stretching any medium wall Bellow will stop it from moving at all. If it does it spreads the movement out over longer ranges and has 1/50th the movement it would normally. If you stretch it and properly set the angles and bend the correct locations and set the angle of the dangle so it’s not bouncing around like a loose noodle; you will see both quality of vacuum increase and near absolute decrease in movement or compression while under use. The light wall bellows will move no matter what you do and are generally cheaper for a reason. They do compress ten fold what a standard medium one would do on its own. You can test this by using a yard stick on bellows. Medium wall once stretched becomes very very Ridgid so to speak.

My suggestion to the customer is to sterilize the glass as if it’s brand new(for shipping purposes) and send a basic letter in with visual pictures(to our email)how the short path was setup from the head over. Include all the images for the trap connections and each support and overall connection from SPD to pump so we can use that to analyze and suggest solutions to permanently prevent it from happening again. The clean glass should reach us, and if it’s sterile we can send it off for a repair. That joint repair will be around 50+ ship cost. We even have local guys walking distance from my front door I can see if they have spare joints). I’m just ball parking and that’s suggestive that we get it safe and intact and well packed and shipped properly. We won’t deal with self destructive packed products that are bound to shatter during shipment. Get it to us clean and if it isnt catastrophic we’ll make the glass kosher again.


Have a fat friend lean back holding one end tightly. Then you start pulling slowly and firmly and begin yanking very hard in series over and over till you feel it stop moving.

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