Anyone interested in formulating Tfree CBD carts for me?

I have an idea for a product that I’m sure already exist somewhere but I’m not seeing it available anywhere around NC. I saw something really close the other day…CBD shatter and food grade terps in a cart. It’s the first I’ve seen anything thick in a cart. I’d like to see CBD rosin or live resin in a cart but it would have to be Tfree to be legal here. I see so many “strain specific” food grade terp blend products but no one seems to be spending the money to use cannabis terps. I say, “why not?” People will spend the extra coin for something if it’s tasty. I know I would

You need 5 - 20k in equipment, 14-20k in distillate and another 5 in terpenes. You will need to determine how much people in your market are willing to pay.

Are there a lot of analytical labs in your area?
How much do you pay for CBD distillate?
Do you have access to a clean room?


I could see how me using the word “formulate” was inaccurate. I’m looking for someone who is already up and running to white label carts but I’m having a hard time finding anyone that will use the terps I’d like.

We are currently in process to offer exactly what you are asking. We will be operating in a fully licensed lab and will be offering white labelling as well as branded carts. We will be using both plant derived terpenes and hemp derived.

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Very cool! Will you be doing any cannabis extracted terps? I’ve been looking at Blue River Terpenes but haven’t had much luck contacting them.

either way, keep me posted. I’m especially interested if you’re going to be doing rosin or live resin…although I guess Tfree live resin is probably not a thing, huh? I’m seeing carts here already that are shatter and terps. Every flavor I’ve tried taste the same…weird