Anyone here in WA?


Seems like most people here are from Cali.


Portland/Vancouver area


Miami/ Costa Rica, I just work in Cali.


Ill be in Seattle next weekend… Live in Nashville, TN… anyone got food recs? Will be there on business looking at lab equipment.


Wish it would get fully medically legal already so we can all get real ID badges from the states in order to sell & profit from cannabis like we do when we wanna sell cars, fingerprints on file and licensed ONLY people can profit from sales in their state unless their a buyer…


Salumi for some incredible cured meat sandwiches if you dont mind waiting in line and hitting it before noon. Pestle Rock for bomb thai food, Meat and Bread for sandwiches and Din Tai Fong or Dough Zone for Chinese dumplings


Make cannabis like life insurance sales, you gotta be Licensed in each state to do business there and must be a US Citizen to be even in the game #ganggangitsamedicinethang


As your well aware…the regulation in Washington is quite extensive. Medical is dead. Our state kinda sucks. We seem few and far between on the forums. Nice to see one other here lol


I got all the food rec’s.

Salumi, Paseos, Chinooks to name a few. Little Sheep Hot Pot or Jade Garden if you are into Asian and group eating. Message me if you want something more in depth. Let me know what you are looking for.

Delicatus is decent for gormet deli sanwiches

Otto is bomb for sushi. And if you hit them before 5:30 on the weekdays, it’s happy hour.


Well, I am licensed for ethanol extractions and food. So yeah…


Very similar to alcohol or taxi’s in NY. I think medical was a transition period and a way of the past.


I’m in Seattle. 502 kinda blows compared to many states huh?


Awesome. We should chat more. I goto Portland all the time as I have family there.


Very nice. I actually live in Vancouver but do a lot of work in Portland, interesting industry


I’ve been to at least half of these

And have yet to be disappointed


I’m down on the SouthWestern coast of Washington


Like the Long Beach area?