Anyone have touch science parts in the US?

Need 50L reactor bottom valve assembly. Spare gaskets and such. Would probably take most parts you have for reactors and roto vapes

I have used a 2" triclamp before in a pinch because our outlet broke. depending on the outlet size a different triclamp may fit better, the only downfall was that you have 4" hole at the bottom that doesnt get mixed well but depending on what you intend to use it on it may not matter.

edit: found an old picture

I used the original clamps and original envelope gasket but i trimmed the one side so it was flat on the triclamp side.

Have you thought about investing in a 3D printer? Won’t help with the gaskets, but the clamps should be easy to build.


I have over 30 gaskets in our lab that were 3d printed that are soft/compressible and compatible with hexane. They may not be sanitary food grade but they dont leech silicone into our product like the old seals would have done.


Where’s the buna-n printers at? Haha. Probably easier (and cheaper) to buy a sheet and punch them out yourself.

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My tiny budget doesn’t support 3D printers sadly. Had to cut the strippers and cocaine budget last month to. What’s the world coming to lmao


Move into the facility full time for a few months and save some ends! You’re already practically living there. Wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Haha


I certainly suggested @Lincoln20XX put that on the wishlist. A small lathe and CNC mill as well. being able to make parts on an as needed basis is just soooo damn useful.

@Siosis which bits you got?
would @thesk8nmidget’s solution get you by?
Is everything you’re missing PTFE + o-rings?
I’ve have a couple of different styles apart and they all seem pretty damn simple…do you have a picture?

the all knowing one wasn’t super helpful. guessing you need glass too (if you can’t fake it with tri-clamp).

touch science doesn’t list a 50L reactor.

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Wish we could have managed to get @Beaker’s.

Shit if you wanna take some measurements and it’s the same size I’ll ship you my setup. It’s just sitting on my parts shelf now.


And if they do work, I’ll even help pay the shipping. @Siosis been workin’ too hard lately pulling overnighters watching Bob’s Burgers. Haha

It’s all on the list, and as soon as we have revenue, we’re going to have a fully outfitted r&d department with all of the cnc bells and whistles.


Looks to be a 60mm opening

One day I’ll get a nice motor and a nice stir rod. This bitch wobbles at 200 RPM cause the rod wasn’t made totally straight

Looks like the plug is 30Mm wide and is 35mm wide with its o ring on there