Anyone have suggestion for a 12” pressurized filter?

We made one from a couple different spools and a nice pressurized lid that had a gauge and a blow off valve, but It was only 8 inch.

So looking for something that ideally is like a 12” wide and around 24” tall?

Brand suggestions?

Not endorsing it. Never actually used it but I’ve been looking for the exact same thing you’re describing. This is what I found. If anyone else finds something better I’m also all ears-

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Ertal Alsop. Been using them for years. They work with canna. And they can make them big or small. I have 4inch, 6inch, 16 inch, and 10inch in my facility right now. Food grade, rated up to 150PSI and they build to suite as well.



Works well, just have to let pressure equalize on either side of the filter paper before you open up the outlet

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That’s the one we went with because of time constraints…. Definitely not super excited that they don’t Pressure test these at all before shipping. They ship them fully none assembled, no pressure rated tape or fittings prepped, etc

It works fine, but the papers struggle to stay in place with the style of ring they use to weigh the papers down when we use pressure.

Not a bad filter by any means, but I wouldn’t say it meets USA labs normal quality of products they offer

Ahhh so is that the trick? Pressurize the system with the bottom flow ball valve closed and then open it up?

How do you tell that the area below the filter paper has been equalized? A lot of the time we use a big enough micron paper that the fluid flows through the paper with just gravity a little bit even before pressurizing.

a pressure gauge on the outlet BEFORE the valve.


Ahhhh interesting. In your experience once the pressure equalizes above the fluid and filter paper with the pressure below the filter paper at the sight glass, does the pressure stay equalized once you open the valve and allow the flow to begin.

Or just concerned about equalization of pressure before you let it flow when starting up the filter ?

The techs at USA lab were very uninformed about running it pressurized. Both guys I talked to basically told me that I should just run it under vacuum instead…. Lol

So take off the ball valve and put a Pressure gauge on and then screw the ball valve into the T joint that the pressure gauge will be attached to ?


The “techs” at usalabs dont really have a clue. Pressure will ALWAYS outflow vacuum in my experience.

and yes a pressure gauge in that t will probably be the easiest route for now. its going to get sticky and probably not read accurately for a long time unless you are good about cleaning it. it would be better to have it in a vertical position so it self drains out of the gauge.


That was my thought. Have it be part of the vertical piping instead of part of the 90 degree horizontal piping to keep it clean.

Thanks man.


I’ve been wanting to try priming it with vacuum and applying pressure once it’s flowing

As it is I just wait, if you see any suckback when you open you didn’t wait long enough. A gauge would be a good choice too

I have 10in hemi spray ball lids and hemi filter plate bottums? But a spool for them?

The spool is just the tube. In your case it would be the shell between the lid and the actual filter plate.

Like in closed loop systems the singular piece of steel tubing is called a spool. Unless I’m having a brain fart

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Yes there are spools and jacketed spools