Anyone have ideas how to remediate cbd bubble hash or rosin?

Got some guys in our region wanting stuff like that. But we are tossing the idea around of how to make it compliant without destroying its profile

Catalyst assisted decarb?


Following. All I can think of is WaterTek (not released tech that pulls 90%+ cannabinoids) and my understanding is it doesn’t preserve any terpenes in that process.

I can’t imagine a reason to take solventless to remediation? I’m far from the lab game so my view could be old.

Well just because our client country doesn’t allow for thc while still wanting traditional hash like cbd products

I don’t think it’s possible. Maybe you could dilute it down mixing with cbd isolate and still have something that can pass

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I didn’t think so either. but supposedly ppl getting sauce and a couple other products to be compliant… havnt seen actual proof yet but yeah…


I have yet to see lab results that show any tasty dabbable cbd passing. Would be a nice surprise.

It would be a great product. I love bubble hash. I had some 1:1 bubble hash last year that was great.

Aren’t there CBG strains with little to no THC? You could maybe make CBG bubble hash

looks like someone is making “compliant” hemp hash rosin. Looks like it’s cut with CBD distillate or isolate to get the D9 to ND(.42% LOQ? tf is that)

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Imo photooxidation coupled with a blanket of o2 or ozone.

I made some bs once that actually worked out quite well. Totally contrived “diamonds and sauce” in the sense that i just recrystallized some CBD isolate, and diluted some remediated mother liquor with hemp/botanical terps.

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Tons of theories. Seen zero execution

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You have to be able to theorize before you can execute.

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Why not lle the hash to remove water immiscibles & draw out chlorophyll via ph swing & brine washes.

Has to be solvent free for hash or rosin; if you end up dissolving it into solution or getting it wet imo it defeats the purpose of it being hash or rosin in the first place.

There really isnt much you can do besides some form of gentle solvent free oxidation. If you have to use a solvent; you should of just extracted it to begin with.


So bubble hash isn’t wet? Lol

You dont need a solvent to make saline or brine… or to ph… the term lle is just liquid to liquid extraction, doesn’t have to be solvent based. Especially for hash.

Yeah sure; bubble hash is concentrated in water; in order to LLE what’s your second phase? Is your second phase going to extract out cannabinoids?

LLE implies 2 phases… give me a organic phase that cannabinoids arent soluble in.

It’s not the way to do it imo; try a ph modulated wash of hash and see what happens… have fun breaking the unbreakable emulsion.


I just want to add that starting with plant material that is already compliant is the real answer here for quality hash. I’m on the hunt for a strain that is 0%THC. Only thing I’ve found is Otto II at ~7-8% CBD.

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Sooo I hear tell of tfree genetics; but yet to see it in the wild; no matter what; hash making is a concentration technique; you will concentrate the cannabinoids and even trace thc will be come noticable


About 10-15x more noticeable lol

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